Season I, Part Eight: The Jedi, The Witch and the Warlord

Part Eight feels like the perfect way to end the inaugural season of Ahsoka.

Season I, Part Seven: Dreams and Madness

Part Seven seems relatively straight forward with only a few glaring questions.

Season I, Part Six, Far, Far Away

Star Wars has a deep and long lore.

Season I, Part Five, Shadow Warrior

Mysticism, Witty Dialogue, Lore. This is a great episode.

Season I, Part Four, Fallen Jedi

Difficult Choices. Ahsoka knew Sabine’s desire to find and save Ezra may affect her judgement regarding the bigger picture.

Season I, Part Three, Time to Fly

Training. Huyang has resumed Sabine’s training in the various lightsaber forms.

Season I, Part Two, Toil and Trouble

Ahsoka demonstrates a new force skill, psychometry.

Season I, Part One, Master and Apprentice

The long-awaited live action series on Ahoska and the remainder of Phoenix Squadron is here and it did not disappoint! History!

Ahsoka Teaser Review

A live action Ahsoka series has been in the works for several years now.