Season 1, Episode 5 - Rampage

Season 1, Episode 5 – Rampage

This episode is about quid pro quo. The Bad Batch is fixated on figuring out who the mysterious bounty hunter is, and who she might be working for. In order to achieve their aim, they exercise an old Jedi contact who requires them to do a job before providing any information on their query. Now for my 12 points!
  1. Integrating into the Team: Omega receives her own com device from the team!  Tech rigged Crosshair’s old com device off his armor for Omega’s use.  She has to be reminded a few times that it is not a toy.


  1. Echoes of the Past: Echo convinces the team to go to Ord Mantell to talk to an old
    Jedi informant. All Echo knew was the informant was named Cid.  The team finds their way to a cantina and clumsily asks if Cid was around, referring to Cid as a male.  It was Omega who figured out that the first individual they talked to was Cid.


  1. The Informant: Cid is a female Trandoshan.  She is spunky, sarcastic and a survivor.  Pay close attention to her office.  It is clear, that at one time, she herself was a hunter.  Now, she is a broker of information as well as someone who plays middleman for larger criminal outfits such as Jabba the Hutt.  Considering that Ord Mantell is home to the headquarters of the Black Sun, we may see some more stories that derive from the Black Sun themselves.  She keeps her word.  She also understands leverage.


  1. Wrecker: Over the last several episodes, Wrecker has complained of something wrong with his head.  He acts as if it’s a headache.  Clearly his head hurts, but he finds a way to shrug it off.  Could it be something to do with the chip?  Is it an old injury?
  1. A Teaching Moment: Omega continues to show how little she knows of the universe.  She had no idea that people can be bought and sold as slaves.  Clearly, she has a strong moral compass because the idea repulses her.
  1. Zygerrians: Once again we encounter Zygerrians in a Star Wars story.  Recall that Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano infiltrated Zygerria searching for Togruta colonists captured by Zygerrian slavers.
  1. Who thought Moochie was a kid?: Cid declined to explain the fact that Moochie was an adolescent Rancor.  Go figure.
  1. Creatures of the Week: First creature we encounter this week is a Brezak.  They are flying lizards, used by Zygerrians to get around.  In fact, another name for them is Zygerrian gliding lizards.  They are non-sentient carnivorous reptavians.  A reptavian is basically a reptile that can fly.  The next creature is Moochie, the rampaging adolescent Rancor.  It was interesting to see that Rancors have hierarchal sensibilities and that one has to gain their respect in order to secure their obedience.  Wrecker proved his worth in being the last one standing in his fight against her.
Season 1, Episode 5 - Rampage
  1. Precociousness of Omega: Hunter’s call to send Omega back to the ship turned out to be wise.  Omega hid from the slavers when they inspected the teams ship.  She then made her way to the slave camp wherein mayhem ensued.  She knew that if she could stir up some chaos, the team would have a good shot at escaping.  Releasing a Rancor on the camp created more than a diversion, it helped complete the mission!  The Bad Batch had no issue breaking their bonds.  The issue was so many weapons trained on them while they were under guard.  Once Moochie was released by Omega, the Bad Batch was able to free themselves easily.  Omega is increasingly showing a knack for being around at just the right time.  It is it just luck…or is it something more?
  1. Hunter and Tech: Hunter showed his incredible toughness in winding up the electro whip in order to defeat the leader Zygerrian Slaver. Tech finally gets to call someone else out for not sharing enough information.
  1. Creature Fight! Moochie, the adolescent Rancor, turned out to be a match for a full grown Brezak.  Notice how Moochie runs using her arms?  Her incredibly powerful shoulders, arms and grip strength helped her win the day!  But, she punched herself out against Wrecker.  Is Moochie the same Rancor, Luke Skywalker killed in Return of the Jedi?
  1. Cid is sharp.  She declined to mention to the Bad Batch that Moochie belonged to the most powerful Hutt in the Outer Rim, Jabba.  She also knows who the team’s leader is.  She calls Hunter in to discuss the Bounty Hunter.  Her parting words are cryptic.  She knows the team will need friends and money and says as much.  She parts company with Hunter by observing that he and his team must be pretty valuable.  She finally eludes that he should not be concerned because she is good with secrets.  Really what she is after is a team to do jobs she can get paid for.  It appears she may have just lucked out!

Parting Thoughts

Cid is obviously well connected. She was tapped to do a job for Jabba the Hutt, securing his prized pet Rancor. What is more interesting is that Jabba has become a target for Zygerrian Slavers to pick on. Why is that? Why would they risk his revenge by stealing his favorite pet? You know there is a relationship between Jabba and Moochie because Moochie immediately recognized Bib Fortuna when he walked out of Cid’s cantina. Lastly, Cid is very familiar with the Bounty Hunter Guild. She was able to call contacts within the guild to figure out who Fennic Shand is. There is much more than meets the eye with Cid.

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  1. An entertaining episode.
    If it comes to Moochie, I also wonder if she is the rancor we see in Return of the Jedi. I must admit that I don’t like the idea that the rather cute Moochie has such a fate.

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