In the Name of Honor

Chapter 7, In the Name of Honor

Honor, Grit, Reunion. These are the main themes of this week’s finale. At the conclusion, Boba Fett becomes the undisputed lord of Mos Espa, and protector of Tatooine. Now for my finale points.

Honor. There is little to no honor in thieves and criminals. The three Gotra’s of Mos Espa turned on Boba Fett. They broke their word. Yet, it was predictable and maybe even practical. They all made money from the sale of spice, and all indications were that Boba Fett would kill the spice trade. They made their deal and paid the ultimate price. On the other hand, Boba Fett lives by his own honor code. When he says something, he does it. Even though Boba Fett calls the Mandalorian Creed bantha fodder, he still appreciates it. What he appreciates more is the individual who is willing to live by it in the direst of situations. The Mandalorian stood by him when Boba suggested he could and should leave. Once that issue was resolved they had to determine what tactics they would employ. Dinn Djarin suggested that they cut and run and grab Boba’s ship. Yet, Fett displayed his honor by specifically stating that he would stay and protect the people. Djarin had pledged himself to Fett until the conflict was over, so he stayed. Though, Cobb Vanth was knocked out of the fight, the people of Freetown displayed their honor by coming to the aid of Boba Fett in Mos Espa. The Gamorreans fought to their bitter end. Krrsantan fought his way back to Boba Fett, rather than cutting and running. Finally, Fennec Shand, while on her way to conduct her grisly assignment, made a stop to help the Mods. There were many displays of honor during this episode. Ultimately Boba Fett and his team pulled together in the name of honor to protect each other and the people of Tatooine. The dishonorable fertilized Tatooine with their blood.

Grit. Black Krrsantan took the most punishment during the battle for Mos Espa. He fought off every armed Trandoshan in the Trandoshan quarter, and made a fighting retreat to cantina, dispatching Pykes to their doom all along the way. Despite his injuries, he continued to fight until the battle was over. Krrsantan took a lot of punishment. He never quit. He never gave up. Boba Fett and Dinn Djarin also took a lot of punishment. They never quit either. They kept finding a way to survive while beating back the Pyke attackers. Their armor took a pounding but served them well. At the end of the Chapter, Boba was complaining about his armored shoulder where he was hit multiple times by Cad Bane. Fett and Djarin may have been wearing armor, but those blaster bolts still pack a punch. The Freetown folk and the Mods displayed their toughness as well. They were chased all over Mos Espa by scorpion droids. They found a spot and made their last stand. It was hot, dusty, and violent. The people of Freetown, the Mods, Boba Fett, Dinn Djarin and Krrsantan dug deep and found the will and fortitude to just keep fighting. Their actions took grit and determination.

The Rancor. Boba Fight riding his Rancor into battle was a sight to behold. The Rancor wreaked havoc and struck fear into the minds and hearts of everyone in Mos Espa. The Rancor gave us some smashing Hulk moments along with some King Kong moments. During the fight, the Rancor even had a snack! Yet, once he got loose, we were all reminded that size matters not. Little Grogu managed to use the force and encourage the Rancor to submit and ultimately fall asleep. 


The Choice. As predicted, Grogu chose the armor. It’s not hard to believe under the circumstances. Dinn Djarin appears to have shown the youngling more love and affection then Grogu has received in over 40 years. Those bonds are hard to break. Two orphans have found each other in a dangerous galaxy. Now, they will take on the galaxy together. They will both walk the way of the Mandalore and perhaps they will be the catalyst to reunite their proud people.

The Dark Saber. Did everyone notice how easily Djarin wielded the Dark Saber once Grogu was back? He didn’t hurt himself and he was mostly effective until it was knocked out of his hand. Dinn Djarin’s heart and mind will start to come into alignment now that Grogu is back with him. It will be interesting to see how he progresses with the saber in the next season of the Mandalorian. 

Cad Bane. Is he dead? It sure looked like he was. Early in the show, Cad Bane tried to bait Boba into fighting before he was ready. Fett wisely took Fennec Shand’s counsel. At the end, Cad Bane out drew Fett, and eventually got him to the ground. Yet, for all his ruthlessness, Cad Bane violated an age old rule: never toy with your prey. Cad Bane’s ramblings got him killed. His ramblings gave Fett time to disarm Bane with his gaffi stick and ultimately kill him. Or at least we think Bane is dead…. 

Fennec Shand. We all observed what Fennec Shand is about. She single handedly took out the head of the Pyke Syndicate, the heads of the three Gotras of Mos Espa and the treacherous mayor. She did it with precision, skill, and relative silence. She is truly a deadly assassin.

Odds and Ends. How about those scorpion droids eh? It appears destroyer droid technology took a huge leap. The Dark Saber couldn’t even penetrate their shields. It was cool to see Boba Fett and Dinn Djarin attack the Pykes from above. Watching them flit around the streets with their jet packs, picking off Pykes from the air, was neat to see. The mayor’s major domo has grown on me quite a bit. He is the ultimate bootlicking brown noser. Yet, he is funny and witty in his own way. I was amused by the fact that Peli Motto found herself not only attracted to him, but she was protecting him as well. I have a feeling the two of them are going to become an item. They seem like two odd birds destined for the same nest.

Reunion. Grogu reunited first with Peli Motto. Then she brought him into the heat of the battle of Mos Espa to be reunited with Dinn Djarin. It was a touching moment to see the two of them together. It was even more touching to see Djarin’s reaction to Grogu wearing the armor. Perhaps the most touching moment between the two occurred when Dinn Djarin gave the silver ball to Grogu before going back into battle. Still, there was a battle to win, and their reunion unfolded into Grogu once again saving Djarin’s life by helping to disable the scorpion droid and ultimately calming the Rancor down. Their next adventures will be detailed in the Mandalorian Season 3. At the end of the show, we see Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, the Mods and Black Krrstantan all standing under an awning on a street in Mos Espa. It was nice to see them reunited in a peaceful moment joking about Krrsantan chowing down on a meiloorun. The last reunion of the story is more of a premonition. The last scene of Chapter 7 showed us Cobb Vanth in the bacta tank, with the Mod Doctor looking over him. Vanth will likely be reunited with his people. It will be interesting to see what his role will be relative to Boba Fett’s. Boba did indicate that maybe he wasn’t suited to be a leader after all. I think he was just complaining, but perhaps there is something more to it. In any case, Fennec Shand, Krrsantan and the Mods have all bought into Boba as a leader and I believe a leader he shall stay. Where Cobb Vanth fits in the mix remains to be seen. Perhaps we will have a Season 2 of the Book of Fett to tell us all about it. 

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