Reflections on Chapter 2, The Child

The Mandalorian is walking across rocky terrain. A shadow passes. The lizards scurrying about suddenly disappear. This is how Chapter 2 opens. It is thrilling. It is exciting. You are drawn into the tenseness of the moment. Then, in a burst of action you witness the Mandalorian dispatch 3 Trandoshan bounty hunters.

I don’t think any of the viewers were prepared for the Mandalorian to return to his ship and find it stripped for parts.  I also think most of us were surprised at how formidable Jawas and a Sand Crawler really are.  The realism of the story helps create drama drawing us into the trials and tribulations the Mandalorian faces.  He is not invincible.  Knowing that, you grow to appreciate his toughness and persistence. 


The experienced Star Wars fan likely deduced that the Child could use the force.  Most of us understood that the Child was attempting to heal the Mandalorian, instead of giving him a hug.  Still, it was a bit comical to watch the whole exchange occur.  You are left wondering, what is really going thru the Mandalorian’s mind.  Is he thinking his own childhood experiences? 

We learn some more about the mysteries of Mandalorians.  “Weapons are part of my religion”.  While this is the source of many great memes, this phrase evokes one of the simple cultural aspects of Mandalorians; weapons are part of their everyday life.  Even so, the Mandalorian is practical.  He puts aside his pulse rifle and blaster, choosing the pragmatic course to bargain for his “stolen” parts. 


The story teaches you the value of treating people well.  The Mandalorian treated Kuill with respect.  When Kuill’s help was needed, Kuill was happy to oblige.

The climax of the story opens yet another window into Mandalorian culture.  The Mandalorian took on the challenge of securing a mudhorn egg without really knowing what he was walking into.  When it seemed as though the Mandalorian was defeated, he did not run away.  He pulled his vibroblade, struggled to one knee and prepared to die well.  He could have called it quits.  He chose not to.  His efforts were rewarded with unexpected help from the Child. 

Kuill goes above and beyond to help the Mandalorian.  He is truly thankful for the Mandalorian’s work in clearing out the riff raff in his valley.  There is no doubt that the Razor Crest is in better shape than before now that expert Ugnaught hands have touched her. 

As the episode ends, we are left wondering what the Mandalorian’s next move is as he stares out into the emptiness of space. 

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