The Return of The Mandalorian

Chapter 5, The Return of The Mandalorian

Chapter 5 is rich with lore, action and star-wars charm. I don’t have much of a preamble to this week’s Chapter so I will jump right into my points.
  1. The Mandalorian on the Hunt. Din Djarin took a certain job for a very specific reason. He wished to know where he might find the signs leading him to the Mandalorian Covert. He apparently tracked them to a world remarkably similar to Halo. The world is known as Glavis. His gambit is successful. Yet, it raises a question. It appears Bo-Katan accepted the fact that Djarin won the saber in combat. I wonder if she attempted to convince him to lead Mandalorians? If so, has this added to the conflict in his mind?


  1. Mandalorian Prophesy Fulfilled. The Armorer described the fate of her people if the Dark Saber was not won in battle. The Empire fulfilled this prophesy. Sabine Wren gave the Dark Saber to Bo-Katan, who is seemingly the undeserving. According to prophesy, this led to the demise of the Mandalorian people, exemplified by the night of 1000 tears. Mandalorians are indeed scattered to the four winds. This prophesy may lead to the rise of a new Mandalore….
  1. The Dark Saber. The blade was made roughly 1000 years prior to the events in the Book of Fett. It was built by Tarre Vizla, the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order. Fast forward into time and you find that the Dark Saber found its way to the hands of Sabine Wren, from Star Wars Rebels. Kanan Jarrus took the time to teach her how to wield the blade. She suffered thru some of the same difficulties that Din Djarin does as he learns to wield the weapon. “Persistence without insight will lead to the same outcome. The body is strong but the mind is distracted.” says the Armorer. This is similar to Kanan’s instructions to Sabine on how to wield the Dark Saber. The mind must be singularly focused. There must be conviction. The crystal powering the saber responds directly to the wielder. Notice that Moff Gideon had no trouble wielding the blade. Yet Sabine had to learn how to focus her mind, in order to properly wield the blade. Din Djarin must learn to do the same. He requires a singular mind and a definite purpose if he is to master the blade. It appears he will be going to visit Grogu before assisting Boba Fett. Just as Kanan helped Sabine in her quest to master the blade, I believe Luke Skywalker will do the same for Din Djarin. 
  1. The Armorer. As time passes, we learn more and more about what she truly knows. In season 1 of the Mandalorian, she refers to Jedi as sorcerers…not Jedi. In Chapter 5, she calls them by their rightful name. She even understands the basic tenants of their creed; that they must forgo all attachment as they reach their full potential. She is clearly well versed about Bo-Katan’s history. It makes one wonder what else she knows. Paz Vizla said the covert was now down to three. Who is the third Mandalorian? How did the Armorer and Paz arrive to Glavis? Why settle on Glavis? Lastly, we see the Armorer’s martial prowess once again. As Din Djarin defeats Paz Vizla, why doesn’t she attack him and take the Dark Saber for herself? She clearly understands what it takes to wield the Saber properly. She very likely possesses the mind and training needed to wield it the blade properly. So why not just take it for herself?
  1. Prophesy. The Armorer hints at a prophesy. She describes the songs of ions past foretold the Mythosaur rising up to herald a new age of Mandalore. She states that this is only exists in legends. Later, the Armorer states that Din Djarin can only be redeemed in the living waters beneath the mines of Mandalore. What if the prophesy of the Mythosaur rising up is figurative? Could it be that the living waters hold the key to Djarin’s destiny? Would not his visiting the living waters under the destroyed mines, and rising up from them be symbolic of the Mythosaur rising to herald a new age for Mandalore?
  1. Conflict. Djarin must resolve several conflicts before realizing his true calling. First, he must resolve who he is. He is a foundling. He is a child raised in war, to be a warrior. He has learned to embody the creed. As part of the creed he walked the way of the Mandalore in his chosen profession as a bounty hunter. Yet, he has also become aware that his “family” are small sect of religious zealots. Part of him yearns to be a part of this family again, especially after his duties to Grogu were seemingly fulfilled. Part of him also yearns to see what else is out there in the world for him. His encounters and experiences with Grogu changed him. Once he fulfilled his mission, he returned to bounty hunting. The Dark Saber is meant to be wielded by a leader, not a bounty hunter. Din Djarin’s recent experiences have led him to be something more than a mere bounty hunter. His new armor, his new world view and his new weapon all speak to a new path in life that he has yet to accept.

    Djarin is also concerned about the foundling, Grogu. He clearly has developed a strong attachment to him. It is quite likely that Grogu has done the same. Maybe the reason we don’t see Grogu in the new trilogy of Star Wars films is because his life path changes as well. He may become a Mandalorian who may some-day return to finish his Jedi training before returning to his people. Djarin will either secure Grogu back into his clan of two, or he must learn to let go as the Jedi do so that he can resolve this internal conflict and realize his true potential. Djarin’s attachment to Grogu must be resolved before he can properly wield the Dark Saber.

    Finally, Din Djarin’s last internal conflict deals directly with the fact that he wields the Dark Saber itself. He is the de-facto leader of the Mandalorians. Yet, he has now been told he is no longer a Mandalorian which causes further conflict within him. The force works in mysterious ways. The blade came to him for a reason. He must accept and seize his destiny as Mandalore in order to truly master the blade. Din Djarin’s humble beginnings do not disqualify him to carry the blade and lead his people. His humble beginnings, and victories as a warrior prove that he is the right Mandalorian for the job. He has defeated Moff Gideon and Pas Vizla for the right to carry the blade. He must answer the inherent call to leadership in order to master the blade.

  1. The Beskar Spear. I find it interesting that the Armorer disdained the spear as a weapon. The beskad is the first Mandalorian blade to be used. It is a sword made of pure beskar and was wielded by Mandalorians a thousand of years ago and beyond. Perhaps her covert is disdainful of the practice. So, what did Din Djarin ask to be made from the spear point? I suspect it is a chain with the Mudhorn signent. 
  1. N1 Hot Rod. Pelli Motto to the rescue! She and her motley crew of droids help Djarin build his next ship. Djarin very clearly wants the comfort of his old Razor Crest. It was his home. It was how he secured his bounties. Perhaps transitioning to a rebuilt fighter is part his evolution process to something more. Note that the fighter has no place to put a potential bounty unless it’s the hallowed out droid port. The N1 has a few new modifications. It has an extra engine under the main fuselage. The laser cannons appear to be larger and more powerful. It still maintains its missile launcher. Remember, the N1 also has shields. The ship is very cool to look at. I could not help but yell for joy when I saw it take off thru beggars canyon and as he blasted away from the X-Wing patrol. The ship still needs a few new coverings. I suspect that the ship will obtain some beskar armor in its near future. Lastly ,we see Din Djarin’s talent as a pilot as he puts the N1 fighter thru its paces. What will he name it?
  1. Easter Eggs. There are a lot of easter eggs in this episode, but I will only discuss a few here. First , we have the N1 fighter itself. Next, we have the BD droid assisting in the rebuild of the N1. The BD droid is similar if not the same as the droid used in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The cryogenic density combustion booster appears to be the same part that Luke and Han used to try and stop the garbage compactor in A New Hope. 


  1. Premonitions. Din Djarin’s path will become clear to him. He will learn to master the Dark Saber. While Djarin helps Boba Fett with his problem, he will learn the value of proper leadership. Djarin has been a lone wolf his whole life. Fett will teach him the value of a tribe. This will be a key component to his projected rise to lead his people. Lastly, I suspect that the Armorer knows more about Din Djarin’s path then he does. Note that the Core of Star Wars centers around prophesy. The original trilogy and the prequal films center around the prophesy of the chosen one. The story of Din Djarin feels eerily like he is a chosen one of sorts. The Armorer could be symbolically seen as akin to Yoda. Boba Fett might be seen as akin to Obi Wan Kenobi. We shall see how that relationship unfolds. One thing is very clear. The Armorer had the opportunity to take the Dark Saber for herself via combat. Perhaps she believes that Din Djarin’s path is to lead her people. The signs are all there. She refers to him as walking the path of Mandalore. His armor is significantly different than the rest of the Mandalorians. He wields the Dark Saber. She understands that he must go thru more trials to achieve his destiny and she declines to stand in his way. She will teach. She will coax. She will watch.

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