The Gathering Storm

Chapter 4, The Gathering Storm

Chapter 4 fills in few more blanks and raises a few more questions.  This chapter shows us how Boba Fett and Fennec Shand partnered up.  It also shows how he recovered his ship.  This Chapter felt like more of a filler chapter than anything else.  Anyone familiar with the Mandalorian had a working idea for the plot of Chapter 4 as it unveiled itself.  Additionally, the trailers for the Book of Fett had revealed a significant portion of the meeting between Boba Fett and the heads of other criminal enterprises on Tatooine.  Still, there are a few things to discuss, and it is time for my points.

  1. Boba Fett is more than his armor. It seems that many fans want Boba Fett to be a wanton killing machine, running around collecting bounties and sowing destruction wherever he goes. To the chagrin of many, that is not who Boba Fett is. He is a man of honor first and foremost. He was raised with a creed and a code. He knows and understands the Mandalorian creed. Yet, over time, he has developed his own code that he strictly adheres to. His experiences in life reflect the subtle changes to his code. His time with the Tuskens made him realize that a tribe can be very beneficial to accomplishing larger goals. He learned that developing an organization based on mutual trust and loyalty will take you far. That is what he is hoping to build. Fett also greatly appreciates domesticated creatures. We saw it in the first episode when he had the opportunity to kill the massif and chose to merely knock it out. He is developing a relationship with his Rancor. Finally, we saw his affection for the Bantha that carried him around the sands of Tatooine for years.
  1. Boba Fett has a positive effect on those around him. Fennec Shand wanted to only help Boba get his ship back. Yet, she noted they worked well together. She decided to stick around and see where things took her. Ultimately, she agreed to his offer of a partnership. Boba made good points. There is little to be gained by working for high paying idiots. Why not run your own house? Additionally, she noted that Boba was true to his word. When he said he would be loyal, he had already lived it out. We also see Boba’s effect on Black Krrsantan. First, Krrsantan was very surprised when Boba let him go in Chapter 3. Next, when Boba offered Krrsantan a job, he took it. Maybe he needed it, but he has the luxury of choosing who his employer would be. His skills are quite valuable. Clearly, Krrsantan has a mind of his own. Garsa Fwip couldn’t convince him from dismembering the hapless Trandoshan. Krrsantan does what he wants to do. He wants to work for Boba because something about Boba is different.
  1. Subtle Flex. During the dinner with the fellow crime lords of Tatooine, Boba’s Rancor made a timely entrance. This occurrence shows that the Rancor is clearly tuned into what is going on with his master.

  1. Odds, Ends and Easter Eggs. Did anyone notice how the mod technicians arm looked like a Borg arm? Are Favreau and Filoni trying to make a Star Wars/Star Trek cross over? Unlikely, but it makes one wonder. Who knew Banthas eat meat? Did anyone recognize the rat catcher droid? I am sure everyone saw the linkages to the first season of the Mandalorian. What I did not hear was Boba Fett’s spurs. Did anyone notice Black Krrsantan’s scar? That is an easter egg from the comics. Krrsantan had a run in with Obi Wan Kenobi. Lastly, we keep learning new things about Fennec Shand’s sniper rifle. Last week we learned she has hidden throwing blades in the buttstock. This week we learned she has a spy droid hidden in the buttstock as well. What other surprises does her weapon hold?
  1. Questions. It is growing more and more unclear how long Boba Fett was in the Sarlacc pit. Clearly, he was in the pit long enough to forget how he lost his armor. If he was in the pit for a significant amount of time, what sustained him? His suit? In the original expanded universe, his flight suit could seal him up, provide him water and filter out toxins in the air. Next, there are many questions as to what Boba Fett was up to roaming the sands of Tatooine. How long was he really with the Sand People? Maybe he was with them longer than we think, and we only observed the highlights. Or perhaps he went into a lengthy exile, feeling responsible for the massacre of the tribe. Lastly, Shand expressed skepticism that the Nikto Speeder Bike gang could effectively take on a Tusken tribe. Is it possible that she is right? What if the Pyke’s did it themselves? That might explain why we did not see the female and child amongst the dead. Perhaps they were taken prisoner.
  1. Premonitions. In Star Wars, music is tied to specific characters. At the end of this chapter, we heard the Mandalorian theme as Boba and Shand were discussing the need for more muscle. I think it is safe to say we will see Dinn Djarin in the next episode. Perhaps he brings a few Mandalorian’s along for the ride. Lastly, Boba Fett set the crime lords up. He asked them all to remain neutral while he deals with the Pykes. One of them will likely not honor that agreement. If that occurs, Boba will eventually absorb their territories and enterprises as well. This conflict is a test to see who can be trusted and how far that trust can go.

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