Daughter of Ferrix

Andor: Season 1, Episode 11 – Daughter of Ferrix

This week’s episode seems to be setting up a climactic finale in at least two places; Spellhaus and Ferrix. Andor’s mother has passed, and much of the episode centers around the drama surrounding her passing and internment. B2 has taken her death very hard. His feelings about her shine thru. Star Wars has done an awesome job showing that droids can be autonomous beings. B2 adds to this legacy.
Andor and Melshi find a quad jumper. While attempting to steal it they make some unexpected friends. Andor and Melshi run into a Narkinian trap whilst running towards the Quad jumper. The local Narkinians are quite upset that the Empire has ruined their environment. When they realize that Andor and Melshi are escaped prisoners, they initially want to turn them in for a bounty. However, getting back at the Empire was more important to them so they ferried Andor and Melshi to Niamos.

Luthen’s people and the Empire are sitting on Maarva’s house. Both parties are now aware that Andor might show up for the memorial service. Now, Karn may show up as well.


Luthen figured Saw Gerrera would decide to go to Spellhaus, so he went to stop him. Luthen has an intriguing and revealing discussion with Saw about the strategy of the rebellion. Luthen’s larger strategy is to protect his sources in the Empire as well as himself. If Saw is captured, Luthen is burned. Even if the attack on Spellhaus is called off, the ISB will turn on itself knowing there is a leak. Saw realizes Luthen’s strategy and accepts it as….war.

Luthen’s ship is a heavily modified Fondor Haulcraft. This ship is full of nasty surprises, even for a Cantwell-class Arrestor Cruiser. The Arrestor Cruiser is specially designed to capture other vessels. Luthen and his ship foiled the Arrestor’s capabilities in simplistic fashion. Once caught in the tractor beam, Luthen delayed the Imperial Commander, while charging his weapons and countermeasures. His ship borne droid calculated the force of the tractor beam. Once his countermeasures were charged, Luthen matched velocity with the tractor beam. Once the Arrestor Cruiser fed more power into the tractor beam, Luthen released his counter measures knowing that power would pull the debris at incredible speeds into the tractor beam emitter, thus releasing its hold of his ship and allowing him to blast away. Once released from the the tractor beam the Cruiser unleashed several TIE fighters. The fighters were quickly dispatched by a hidden laser turret and two laser beam emitters. Luthen’s ship packs quite a punch!
Luthen clearly is a veteran of past wars. He has combat training. It will be interesting to learn more about his origins. Additionally, the droid on his ship is quite remarkable. It generates transponder codes, calculates immensely complex equations on the fly and acts as Luthen’s main co-pilot for this ship. One wonders if the droid brain has a similar life to L3 who was introduced to in Solo. L3 is now part of the Falcon.
Next week we have the finale. We will see the raid at Spellhaus, or will the show simply focus on the climax that is surely to occur on Ferrix?

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