Rix Road

Andor: Season 1, Episode 12 – Rix Road

The stage is set. Spellhaus is a slaughterhouse. So, the episode focuses on the buildup in the hours leading to Maarva’s funeral procession on Rix Road. Everyone is present. Dedra, Syril, Sergeant Linus Mosk, Luthen, Vel, Cinta and of course Cassian Andor. Finally, we find out what exactly Cassian was building while in prison.
Rix Road
An intriguing new twist is revealed. We knew all along that Mon Mothma was being spied upon. We didn’t know who the spy was reporting to. We also learned that her husband, Perrin, has a bad gambling habit. However, I tend to believe him when he says he hasn’t been gambling. Mon Mothma knows she is being spied on and she wants to shift the eyes away from her and on to her husband in order to address any disparities in her banking records. It is apparent she no longer loves him. I don’t think she has a problem setting him up to be a patsy just in case she needs to. It also appears that her current banking problem will be rectified given the choice she is making. Betrothal of her daughter does not seem to be as bad as it looks given that her daughter appears to be reverting to old Chandrilan customs.

We are once again treated to the words of Karis Nemik. Cassian listens to them as he prepares for the morning ahead. The screening starts with Bix who is slowly coming to consciousness. The screening pans to Luthen as he stands near his ships hiding spot, contemplating the day ahead. It’s almost as if something major in the rebellion is about to occur. It isn’t. 


Remember that the frontier of the Rebellion is everywhere. And even the smallest act of insurrection pushes our lines forward.” 


Rix Road is symbolic because it is one of many skirmishes the Empire is beginning to deal with on a regular basis. It is important because the small, and seemingly helpless are rising up and having an effect. 


Ferrix’s network is well entrenched. They are aware that Maarva and her home have been watched by ISB. They remain one step of the Imperials every step of the way.

Maarva’s final words to her son as well as her people spark Cassian to action. First, he finds a way to break Bix out of the “Hotel” and get her off world. Then, he joins the Rebellion.  


As Rix Road explodes into action, Dedra finds herself in the middle of the fray. She is quite fortunate that she wasn’t captured or killed. Syril becomes her savior. The romantic tension between the two seems to be building…or perhaps its just my imagination.

Luthen is ruthless. But he has principles. His main goal is to protect and foment the Rebellion. As Cassian is watching from a hidden perch, he spies Luthen and quickly discerns why Luthen is on Ferrix. Cassian carries out his personal mission to break Bix out, using the chaos and confusion of the fighting in the streets as cover. After he ensures his people are safely aboard a ship to leave, he then goes and waits for Luthen.
Luthen is surprised and pleased by the events of Rix Road. He decides it’s in his best interest to leave as soon as possible. Cassian Andor can wait for anther day. When he realizes Andor is waiting for him, Luthen’s true values come out. He wants fighters who are as dedicated to the cause as he. He admires Cassian’s temerity. “Kill me, or take me in.” Cassian put his life in Luthen’s hands. Loyalty matters, especially in a Rebellion.
I don’t think we expected all the main characters to survive. Somehow..they did. I think we all look forward to seeing how the Rebellion grows. Where will Mon Mothma be? Will we be treated to prominent Rebels in the series? Will Syril become an ISB member or simply Dedra’s lover? Will Dedra be demoted because of the Rix Road incident? So much to look forward to!

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