Obi Wan Kenobi Part III – The Outer Rim Outpost

Ten years removed from the Clone Wars and individuals are still buying into the lie that the Empire brings peace, order, and security to the galaxy. Freck, the miner, is such an individual. Folksy and friendly, he whole heartily serves the Empire on Mapuzo. Last week’s episode dives into Obi Wan’s weakened powers, Darth Vader’s heightened powers and the seeds of the rebellion. Here are my thoughts and observations.

Leia’s in Charge. In the original trilogy, Leia was constantly giving orders and commands to anyone and everyone. When she is in the room, she is in charge. Apparently, this behavior started at an young age. She ignores Obi Wan’s instructions when she sees fit. Small wonder she always finds herself into trouble…. 

Leia the Perceptive. She doesn’t miss much. She knows Obi Wan is hiding facts from her. She figured out that Obi Wan knew her mother, though he denied it.

Perishable Skills. Obi Wan has been in hiding for ten years. It is apparent that he has not been training in the force. His powers are weakened. His lack of training is likely is in effort to dispel any notion that he has force powers. Force Sensitives can sense each other when the force is being used. Though he is not a hermit, he apparently has withdrawn from the force completely. This might explain why he has not been able to get in touch with Qui Gon Jinn. He has been relying on his wits and force enhanced quick reflexes to get out of most trouble. Unfortunately, he appears to be no match for Darth Vader. Yet his connection with the force remains. Obi Wan almost doubled over in pain when he first sensed Vader. The dark side is immensely strong in Vader.

Evil Incarnate. The last time we witnessed Vader be so deliberate in his actions was during the closing minutes of Rogue Squadron where he dispatched numerous Rebel Infantry in an effort to recover the stolen plans. Vader very clearly uses death as a motivator to ensure compliance with his orders. He used death to attempt to draw Obi Wan out into the open, snaping necks as he walked. Vader is cruel. He has thought long and hard how he would torture Obi Wan. Lighting Obi Wan on fire and using the force to roll him around in the fire shows you how far-gone Anakin really is. It is interesting that Vader did not stop the droid loader in his tracks…. 

Seeds of the Rebellion. Tala, a disillusioned Captain in the Empire, is a double agent who helps move Jedi and force sensitives from safe house to safe house. She mentions there are safe houses like the one on Mapuzo all over the galaxy. Tala discussed that individuals are trying to link all the safehouses together. According to her, they call it the path. The path leads to Jabim. Whomever takes this path is given new identities and sent on their way. This includes Jedi.

Remnants of the Jedi. Obi Wan recognized several symbols and signatures on the wall to include Quinlan Vos. Several other Jedi’s names were written in Aurebesh on the walls to include Djinn Altis, Roganda Ismaren, and Valin Halcyon. Aurebesh is the basic writing system used to translate what is known as galactic basic standard, the Star Wars writing system. Altis and Ismaren pop up in several Legends Novels, particularly the Children of the Jedi. According to many Legends novels, Valin Halycon joined Corellian Security (CORSEC) and renamed himself Hal Horn. He had a son, named Corran Horn who eventually became a great Starfighter pilot as well as a Jedi Master. It will be interesting to see if we are introduced to Hal and Corran Horn in future Star Wars stories. Lastly, Quinlan Vos was a great friend to Obi Wan Kenobi. This is touched on in the Clone Wars. Dark Disciple, by Christie Golden, conducts a deeper dive into Vos’s character as he pairs up with Asajj Ventress for various adventures. Dark Disciple is a great novel and it is canon. Vos is considered a rogue Jedi, comfortable working in and around “scum and villainy.” He tends to blend in well with his surroundings. He is an expert tracker, in part because of his ability to touch things others have touched and ascertain their memories from the mere touching. He is a very interesting character that I hope we get to explore more.

Reva the Observant. First she noticed the loader droid walk out of the droid repair shop. She carefully searched the repair shop until she noticed markings on the wall. She moved the shelf out of the way and found the secret safe house. Continuing to search she finds the Jedi Order symbol as well as the secret entrance. Chances are, new searches for the Jedi who signed the wall will commence. The seeds for more seasons of Obi Wan are laid.

Bait. Leia will be used to draw Kenobi out. One wonders if she will meet her father for the first time.

Kenobi’s Regret. The episode starts out detailing salient points about Kenobi’s relationship with Anakin and how it ended. As he walks in the countryside of Mapuzo, he observes a vision of Anakin in his Jedi robes. Later on, during the fight, Vader reminds him again, that Kenobi should have killed him. Vader states, “I am what you made me.” The line sends shivers up your back when you consider the connotations. Kenobi could have ended young Vader right then and there on the lava shores of Mustafar, instead he let him burn…..

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