Obi Wan Kenobi Part IV

The Empire has been busy over the last ten years. The infrastructure built to support the systematic eradication of the Jedi is staggering. Darth Vader is at the spearhead of this mission. As a result of this mission, I suspect that he becomes more aware of the growing rebellion in various systems around the galaxy.
Compare and Contrast. At the beginning of Part IV, Vader and Kenobi are both recovering in bacta tanks. As they recover, they dream…about each other. There is a strong connection between master and apprentice, regardless of which side of the force they are on. Interesting that Vader’s skin never heals in the bacta…yet Boba Fett’s did….
Vader’s Acolytes. The Inquisitors assist Darth Vader in hunting down Jedi and force users. Vader has chosen to keep them close to him. Their home base is on the water moon Nur, in the Mustafar system. At least a legion of storm troopers and multiple squadrons of TIE fighters have been given to the Inquisitors to support their mission. Additionally, specialized troopers, known as Purge Troopers, assist the Inquisitors in hunting down notorious Jedi. We noticed Purge Troopers in this episode, leading storm troopers in the attempt to capture Kenobi.
Fortress Inquisitorius. We first encounter Fortress Inquisitorius in Marvel Comics series Star Wars: Darth Vader. The background behind this fortress is further explored in the video game, Jedi: Fallen Order. Most Inquisitors were turned to the dark side of the force in the torture chambers of the fortress. The fortress also serves as a tomb, or perhaps a trophy room, where the captured and slain Jedi are displayed. Kenobi encountered at least one such room leading to a torture chamber. I suspect there are more rooms just like the one we saw last week. There were thousands of Jedi around the galaxy. Included in the entombed is Jedi Master Tera Sinube. He has shown up in the Star Wars High Republic novels and comics as well as in Star Wars the Clone Wars. Notably he helped Ahsoka find her misplaced lightsaber.
Kenobi Revived. Though Obi Wan Kenobi is mentally and physically scarred, he realizes he needs to focus on the moment. Securing Leia and hiding her true identity is a no fail mission. His skills and connection with the force come back to him quickly. He deftly handled his light saber as he redirected blaster bolts and cut down storm troopers. He held back the sea until it was advantageous to release it on the hapless troopers. He is immensely strong in the Force and as his connection widens, so does his powers.

Tala the Resourceful. She wields every tool available to her as she aid’s Kenobi in his mission. She can play the cruel, authoritative Imperial Officer. She can dispatch storm troopers with ease. Finally, she is incredibly brave. Directly engaging Reva as a diversion was a genius move, beautifully executed. Reva is extremely perceptive. She smelled a trap from the beginning. However, Tala had Reva doubting herself. Tala sprinkled kernels of truth to keep Reva’s attention.

The Force is Strong In Your Family. Reva was unable to penetrate into Leia’s mind. She even remarked that Leia was strong. Yet, Reva does not accuse her of a connection with the Force….


T-47s. Due to the timely appearance of the T-47’s, Kenobi escapes with Tala and Leia. However, these T-47s are not equipped with rear guns or tow cables.


Realities of War. “You are Soldiers now”, Tala says. She has been at the forefront of the fight for years. However, Roken and Sully have been in the background acting as logisticians and smugglers. They are not on the front lines. Losing Wade has struck home the sacrifices it will take to defeat the Empire.

Jabim Compromised. Lola has been reprogramed to serve the interests of Third Sister. Vader gave Third Sister a stay of execution when she revealed that she put a tracker on Kenobi. If Roken returns to Jabim, the most important stop in the “Path” will be compromised. It will be interesting to see where the hunted end up.

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