Reaction to the Season 3 Mandalorian Teaser

There has been a lot of speculation as to what Season 3 will be about. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be about more than one Mandalorian. The trailer treats us to scenes involving Mandalorians dropping from a ship, scenes of a Kom’rk Fighter (aka Gauntlet Fighter), Mandalorians fighting in the streets and several scenes with Bo-Kotan. It also appears that Grogu will be spending some time with Bo-Katan and taking a ride on a Kom’rk himself. Finally, it appears that though Bo-Katan feels the need to lecture Dinn Djarin, they will team up in an adventure, possibly to find the living waters of Mandalore.

Based on the tenor of the trailer, I speculate that Dinn Djarin’s next quest is to find the living waters in the mines of Mandalore. That will be difficult considering those mines are supposedly destroyed. Yet, his devotion to his upbringing is strong, despite all that he has learned and has been exposed to, it is important to him to be considered Mandalorian since that is all he has known. 


It is clear that Djarin’s rebuilt fighter will be getting an upgrade. Red 5 will be joining his crew. It also appears that Greef Karga has come up in the world. We see scenes of him richly adorned with a bejeweled chain and a thick, magnificent cape. We will also treated to an appearance of Babu Frick. He will likely be responsible for fixing either a malfunctioning R-5 or starfighter.


One thing is for sure, Season Three is sure to be exciting, kinetic and full of adventure. This Is The Way! 

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