Reflections on Chapter 12, The Siege

Old Friends and New Mysteries. The Razor Crest is in terrible shape. The Child is tasked with sorting out some wiring but instead, he gets quite a shock. Djarin decides to head to Nevarro for repairs. What was supposed to be a quiet stop over, turned into quite the adventure.

The Mandalorian and the child are greeted by Cara Dune and Greef Karga. Dune is now the Marshall of the main settlement on the planet. She has been quite busy ridding the settlement of riffraff and troublemakers. The scene of their last desperate stand has been renovated to a school and the settlement is vibrant and fool of life. However, a shadow still looms.


As the chapter unfolds, we find ourselves reunited with the Mythrol. We finally find out what he stole and who he stole it from. He is working off a 350-year confinement debt.

Karga and Dune convince Djarin to help them rid Nevarro of an Imperial remnant base, hoping to bring stability and more trade to their planet. Mythrol joins the crew and off they go! Meanwhile, the child is making new friends and stealing blue cookies at the new school.


As they infiltrate the base, they quickly realize that there are a lot more troopers at the base than they thought. Additionally, they realize that it’s not an outlying garrison at all. The facility is a heavily fortified experimental lab. The rest of the episode is highly kinetic consisting of running and gunning with some typical sarcastic side banter. When Djarin realized that Moff Gideon was still alive, he jetted away to grab the child. On his way back to the crew, he showed off his ariel gunnery skills as he took out three Outland Tie Fighters that were harassing Due, Karga and the Mythrol.

At the beginning of the chapter, you may have noticed that one of the techs took a long look at Djarin as the Mandalorian walked away. At the end of the chapter that same tech comm’d Gideon’s ship. He placed a tracking beacon on the Razor Crest. As the chapter fades to black, we see Moff Gideon inspecting black, ominous looking battle droids.

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