Reflections on Chapter 4, Sanctuary

Peace. Tranquility. Security. It is something we all want. It is something we all strive for. Peace is hard to find for men and women of war. The Mandalorian attempted to find a safe spot to settle down for a while. He chose Sorgan, a sparsely populated forested swamp planet.


This episode features an idyllic frontier setting, marred only by greedy raiders. Hearing of a mysterious Mandalorian in the next village, the farmers send an envoy to secure his services. The Mandalorian reluctantly agrees. Their village is remote, out of the way and they have lodging. Knowing he might not be capable of handling whatever the trouble was alone, he sought out Cara Dune, who he had met earlier. Shortly after he landed on the planet, Cara and the Mandalorian earned each other’s respect thru combat. After she agrees to assist, they head to the troubled village.

Omera is an interesting character. She is the widow and mother who agreed to put the Mandalorian and the Child up in her barn. Omera is mysterious. I highly doubt she is from the village. She knew enough about Mandalorians to ask how long he had worn the helmet. She is a crack shot with a blaster rifle. More importantly she remained a crack shot whilst under fire. She has had training. She also has a very keen interest in the Mandalorian. She really wanted to see who was behind the helmet. Given her interest in him, and her prowess with weapons under fire, I expect that we shall see her again in future seasons.


Thru conversation several mysteries of the Mandalorians are revealed. The Mandalorian explains after his parents were killed, the Mandalorians took him in and raised him. He acknowledged his status as a foundling by merely stating, “this is the way.” Later on, we learn that Mandalorians are expected to adhere to a strict honor code. If you take the helmet off in front of another person, you may not put the helmet back on.

The Mandalorian wanted to leave the Child with the village, specifically Omera. He knew that the Child would be well taken care of. He also know the Child would be happy. Omera and the village wanted the Mandalorian to stay after he successfully trained and led the village in defeating the raiders. He felt the itch to move on. He has almost a 6th sense for trouble. He knew it was hunting him. What he didn’t count on is that trouble would be hunting the Child as well. After, Cara Dune foils an assassination attempt the Mandalorian reluctantly realized that he wasn’t the only one that had to stay on the move.

All in all, this was a great chapter. It introduced an important character, perhaps two. The chapter featured beautiful scenes of the planet Sorgan. There was even a Lothcat easter egg. I hope the Mandalorian returns to Sorgan someday. I think Omera is waiting for him.

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