The Gunslinger

Reflections on Chapter 5, The Gunslinger

Youth.  Pride.  Arrogance.  All three of these traits mixed in the wrong doses will get you killed.  There is always some young buck trying to take the old bull out without giving much thought to why the old bull is still around in the first place.  Toro Calican bit off more than he could chew when he decided to take on Fennec Shand.  Taking on the Mandalorian, after watching him plan and execute the successful capture of Shand was sheer lunacy.  Calican was too arrogant and prideful to think that he couldn’t take on the Mandalorian.  His youth overrode his wits and he paid the ultimate price for his lack of wisdom.

This chapter has a lot of great elements to it.  First it shows us that the Mandalorian is a capable fighter pilot as he out duels a nimbler starfighter.  Second, we are introduced to the quirky, moody, yet kind Peli.  She has an ornery streak to her, but she cares about the right things.  Her DUM-series pit droids offer great comic relief, just as they did in the Phantom Menace.  Third, we learn the depth of the Mandalorian’s knowledge.  He is keenly aware of who Fennec Shand is.  He knows how to deal with Tusken Raiders.  Lastly, he had thought about the possibilities available to them to take Shand out.  He knew that she was a highly experienced sniper, likely to have a high-powered blaster rifle with heat seeking optics.  That is why he packed the flares, just in case he needed them.  Fourth, we learned that the Mandalorian keeps his word.  After taking out Calican the Mandalorian gave Peli the credits he stripped from Calican’s remains to pay for all the work she did on his ship.  Lastly, we learned how strong Beskar really is.  The Mandalorian can take a hit and it might even knock him out, but the Beskar saves his life, even from a high-powered sniper rifle. 

All in all, this is a great episode bringing Star Wars fans back to a familiar landscape.  The episode closes out with a vaguely familiar jangle of spurs.  Only one character in Star Wars has ever worn spurs on screen…and his name is Boba Fett.  Could it be?

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