Reflections on Chapter 7, The Reckoning

Reunion. Discovery. Loss. This chapter starts to bring together all the elements of the overall story. Up until now, the audience has only been given a hint of what to expect in future chapters. All we really have known is that an Imperial Remnant Officer is after the child and is willing to spend exorbitant amounts of credits to secure their quarry.

This chapter begins with a reunion of the Mandalorian and Greef Karga.  Karaga reaches out and proposes an operation to take out the imperial remnant officer.  The Mandalorian wisely chooses to bring assistance.  He reunites with Cara Dune.  Then, when the child began messing with the ship’s navigation, the Mandalorian realized he needed a babysitter.  He reunites with the Ugnaught.  As the Mandalorian asks for the Ugnaught’s help, he learns two things.  One, that the Ugnaught has repaired and trained IG 11 to serve the Ugnaught.  Two, that the Ugnaught has a name. 


Kuill described to the Mandalorian in detail how he repaired the IG unit.  We discover that Kuill has outstanding technical skills.  Further we learn that Kuill had the patience necessary to retrain IG 11 once he repaired him.  We also learned that droids, thru various stimuli, can develop personalities as they learn new information.  Once the crew is assembled, they fly to Nevarro.

During the flight, Kuill and Cara Dune discover that the child has unique powers.  While on Nevarro, Greef Karga benefitted from the child’s unique powers.  The group came under attack from some local flying lizards and Karga suffered a grievous wound.  The child healed not only the wound, but Karga’s heart, for Karga planned to betray the Mandalorian and turn him over to the imperial officer.  Instead, Karga took out his own guild members and decided to collaborate with the Mandalorian to rid Nevarro of the Imperial menace.


The chapter reveals a new, more sinister villain to the story.  This new villain arrives in style, landing a TIE fighter outfitted with landing gear and folding wings.  He also had an impressive escort of six death troopers and at least a company of storm troopers.  Moff Gideon appears to be behind the manipulations of the old imperial remnant officer.  Moff Gideon will stop at nothing, and will sacrifice anything including an old, trusted officer, to achieve his mission. 

At the end of the chapter, we lose a dear friend.  Moff Gideon had correctly surmised that the Mandalorian would not be foolish enough to arrive with the child.  The Moff had already had scout troopers set up to intercept communications and go and find the child.  Kuill was a patient, kind and understanding character in a galaxy of grim, grime and darkness.  It was sad to see him go.  He died as he lived, in servitude to something greater than himself.  For now, the imperial remnant scout troops have the child.  One must wonder how long that will last. 

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