Reflections on Chapter 8, Redemption

Loss, Revelation, Growth. This chapter has a humorous start to it. In the military, there is a lot of hurry up and wait. Enlisted servicemembers often have choice words to say to each other about their leadership. Often grunts are sitting waiting for action, gossiping about nonsense. This chapter opens with two scout troopers screwing around until the nurse droid shows up and crashes their party.

You can see the care, love, and attentiveness Kuiil put into repairing and re-training IG 11.  The nurse droid is an extension of Kuiil himself.  Still, IG 11 is a ruthless killer when he needs to be.  It was epic watching IG 11 zip around stormtroopers picking them off one by one with deadly efficiency.


Several important revelations occurred in this chapter.  First, we learn the Mandalorian’s real name, Din Djarin.  Next, we learn that Greef Karga is a disgraced magistrate.  We also learn that Moff Gideon is the man behind on the machinations is to secure the child.  We further learn that he was an ISB agent during the time of the Mandalorian purge.  Din Djarin’s true origins as a foundling are revealed.  It’s fair to say that he is in his early to mid 30s during the time frame of this story.  We learn that death troopers are not as deadly as they seem.  Din Djarin and Cara Dune handled them with ease.  We finally get to see the Mando’s face.  Lastly, we learn that Moff Gideon is in possession of the dark saber.  The dark saber is an ancient light saber constructed by the only known Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizla.  He constructed the light saber, and it was later used as a symbol of leadership for his own clan, as well as the symbol of leadership for all Mandalorians. 

This episode is marked by loss.  The Mandalorian loses his fellow brother and sister Mandalorians in the Navarro Covert.  He also loses IG 11.   Din Djarin developed an affection for IG 11.  In part, this affection was borne out of Din’s respect for Kuiil.  In part, this affection is attributed to the simple fact that IG 11 saved Din’s life by applying the lifesaving bacta spray to Din’s severe head wound.  This is the first time we have seen bacta used outside of a bacta tank in Star Wars lore.  Din wanted to stay with the Armorer to recover the beskar armor of their fallen brothers and sisters.  However, the Armorer insisted that Din go.  Further, she brought him full circle with his past.  She provided him the mudhorn signet and declared Din and the child a clan.  Lastly she commissioned Din Djarin to locate the child’s people and safely deliver the child to them.   As Karga, Dune, IG 11 and Djarin make their escape, we learn how deadly of a fighter the Armorer really is.  She is a master of melee combat, calmly dispatching over 6 storm troopers by herself.

We see Din Djarin’s growth in this episode.  At poignant stops throughout these eight chapters, Din Djarin has been provided upgrades and additions to his armor.  Chapter eight is the culiminating event when he is provided not only with his signet but with the Rising Phoenix.  The Mandalorians have great dramatic names for simple devices such as a jet pack.  Djarin mentioned that he had to get one of these in a previous chapter.  Well, now he has one and he quickly put it to use.  The loss of IG 11 is a tremendous growth opportunity for Din Djarin.  He hated droids for what they did to his parents.  However, IG 11 saved Din’s life.  This action forced Din to confront his own prejudices head on and realize what Kuiil had told him in Chapter 7.  Droids are not inherently evil.  They are just droids programed to do a job.  Still, Din quickly developed an emotional attachment to IG 11 after he saved Din’s life.  IG 11’s sacrifice for the rest of the team also had a marked effect on not only Din, but Dune and Karga as well. 

Lastly, the child showed off his powers once again.  He saved the crew from being burned alive using his inherent abilities with the force.  The Armorer confirmed his abilities as she described who the Jedi sorcerers were to Din.


All in all, watching Season One, on the big screen, with surround sound in my movie room did not disappoint.  I am looking forward to re-watching Season Two!

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