Season 1, Episode 16 – Kamino Lost

Sacrifice. Loss. Redemption. Divergent Paths. These are the themes of this last episode. It was interesting to see the reaction of a Regular Clone trooper as he described the destruction of Kamino. He was conflicted. Any clone trooper would be. Kamino was their birthplace. It was where they trained and readied themselves for their purpose.
Crosshair is a Soldiers Soldier. His nature is severe and unyielding. Yet, he shows glimpses of wanting to be with his brothers. Ultimately, he is not ready to override his nature to be with his brothers. Even so, he has a code. Omega and his brothers saved him from certain death. Crosshair returned the favor by saving Omega and her droid.
Crosshair’s internal conflict will continue to be a theme in next year’s season. All his brothers gave him something to think about. They all let him know that while they don’t agree with him, they have kinship with him. They would welcome him back at any point. Lastly, note that Crosshair consistently grabs his head as if he is in some sort of pain. None of his brothers seem to notice, but I do. I can’t help but wonder if there is still a chip in his mind. If not, I wonder if there is some chemical making him blindly follow the Empire’s mission and precepts. Undoubtedly next year’s season will unveil this mystery.

The future of the Bad Batch will lay the seeds of rebellion across the galaxy.  We will likely see how the Empire decommissions and or disposes of the remaining Clone Troopers.  The Bad Batch shows the viewer the ruthless efficiency of how the Empire imposes its will and attempts to destroy any potential challengers to its power. 


This season’s last episode appears to end on Daro.  The Empire assimilates the portions of Kamino that are useful to it, including the Kamino cloning sign.  As we have seen in Rogue One and season 2 of the Mandalorian, this sign appears to denote the Imperial Science Core.  It is the last reminder of a once great culture.  Hopefully we learn if any additional Kaminoans survive.  It’s fair to expect Nala Se to figure out a way to be a thorn in the Empire’s side.  She will do what it takes to safeguard Omega as well as what’s left her culture and her people.

The last episode gives us hope for Crosshair.  He is left on Kamino, conflicted, and contemplating his future.  I think we all have hope for him.  


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