Season 1, Episode 15 – Return to Kamino

A reunion.  The end of an era.  This week’s episode is part 1 of 2 and it has already proven to be highly emotional.  Now for my 12 points.

  1. Loyalty: There is no defeating it.  There is no cure for it.  Brothers in Arms will always stand up for one another.  Clone Force 99 did not and would not abandon Hunter to an uncertain fate, even if it means running into a known trap.  Loyalty also carries different meanings for different individuals…as Crosshair seems to subtly point out.


  1. Priorities: Omega learns from Echo that practical matters must be attended to before running headlong into a rescue mission.


  1. Motives Questioned: The Commandos assigned to Crosshair are mistrustful of him.  One deduced that his motives are not consistent with the imperial goals.


  1. Secrets: Omega leads the team to a secret entrance that is motion activated.  This entrance takes them to Nala Se’s secret lab.  The lab left Omega very emotional.  It is unclear why.  I suspect she witnessed some unsuccessful experiments down there.  She did reveal her observations of Clone Force 99.  Apparently Clone Force 99’s mutations were enhanced in the same lab that Omega was created in…Nala Se’s lab.
  1. Choices: Crosshair dropped hints throughout the episode that he felt betrayed by the remainder of the Bad Batch.  But he also chose to follow orders, while the rest of the team decided those orders didn’t make sense.


  1. Preparation: Crosshair knew the team would come. He also was prepared to receive them.  He wanted Clone Force 99 to be his team again.  He figured that the commando’s assigned to him were watching him and mistrustful of him.   How did he figure that out?  Instinct?  Observation?  Whatever the case, he set up one of his old one-shot multiple target tricks to neutralize the threat.


  1. Removed Inhibitor Chip?: Crosshair reveals that he removed his inhibitor chip.  Is this true?  If so, is he the first of many individuals that the Empire found a way to mentally condition without sticking equipment in their heads?  Or did Crosshair lie?


  1. Improvisation: Omega uses her keen tactical mind to create chaos.  The move was almost too much to handle.
  1. Blind Belief: Crosshair wants the team back together.  However, his motives are to have them join the Empire to have purpose.  Are those truly his motives…or are those mental conditioned motives?  Given how Crosshair seems to be rubbing his head and contemplating things I think he has been mentally conditioned.


  1. Never leave a brother behind: Hunter refused to kill Crosshair.  He stunned him and carried him out.  Hunter still has hope that he can save his brother in arms.  There is an interesting tug of war here. Hunter wants his brother back.  Crosshair wants his brothers back…but to serve the Empire.  Who will win?


  1. Imperial Ruthlessness: The Emperor is thorough.  He is systematically destroying all potential threats to his reign, while securing all useful assets.  His latest victim is Kamino.


  1. Escape: Will the team be able to navigate the tunnels successfully to get to their ship and escape?  What next?

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  1. If it comes to Crosshair, I wonder when he should had removed his chip. There was in another episode to be seen how the chip was triggered and Crosshair was newly conditioned. Was there even time for him to remove the chip, being almost shown to be on mission. And if, how has he did it? The rest of the batch needed assistance and proper equipment to do it. Had Crosshair also help?
    What makes me more afraid for our heroes is Crosshair mentioning that he is the way he is even without the chip.

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