Season 1, Episode 2 – Cut and Run

  1. Omega has much to learn about the wider galaxy around her. The realization that she has been raised completely indoors hits the viewer as she walks out of the Havoc Marauder, smells the air and drops to her knees to touch the dirt.  The concept of fun is lost on her as well.  She picks it up quickly though.   Omega’s mistake during the game leads to an appearance of a nexu!


  1. Cleanliness and orderliness are not the Bad Batch’s strength. The inside of the Havoc Marauder is chaos!


  1. Cut the Deserter: Nice to see him making an appearance. He is dedicated to the simple life; farming and raising his family.


  1. Chain Codes: The concept of chain codes first emerged in The Mandalorian. Now we see the orign of chain codes.  Tech defined their purpose best, “its ingenious, you can create a data base to identify anyone in the galaxy”.  It will be interesting to see how these codes develop.  In the 2nd season of the Mandalorian, Boba Fett’s chain code was in Mando’a script.  Mandalore must have adopted the system of identification, or it was forced upon them.  Why didn’t Tech make chain codes for the Bad Batch?  Will he in the future?


  1. Omega’s Charm: She wore light headpiece with a charm. The charm is the same charm that Nala Se has on her headpiece.  I wonder what the significance of the symbol is on the charm.


  1. The Empire Asserts Control: This episode is backdropped by a setting that Star Wars fans have never really seen before, the beginning days of the Empire.  The remaining Clone Army was repurposed to garrison outlying planets and act as a police force and assert control.  The Empire hit the ground running enforcing galactic martial law.


  1. Hunter has taken personal responsibility for Omega. He wants to protect Omega.  He is the first to step in front of her when the Nexu attacks.  Later in the episode, he believes she would be safer with Cut and his family.  He thinks she needs a family to look after her.  Yet, he is conflicted.  You can see it is hard for him to let her go.  Ultimately Omega ends up where she is supposed to be.


  1. The Havoc Marauder: It’s a modified Omicron Class Attack Shuttle.


  1. Where is Rex? Looks like he is on the hunt for something.  Will the Bad Batch run into him later on in the series?  Is he hunting for Wolf or Gregor?  Will we see Cody make an appearance?
  1. The Initiator Chip: Omega reveals that all clones have inhibitor chips imbedded in their brains.  Does she have something similar?
  1. Tech makes assumptions. Apparently, he thought the rest of the squad knew about the inhibitor chips when he described the behavioral modifications.  This little interchange has already become the subject of some great memes!
  1. Wrecker also has a heart for kids. Cut’s children are as happy to see him as he is to see them.  Wrecker warms to Omega in the first episode when she stuck up for them.

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