Season 1, Episode 1 – Aftermath

Points of interest and observation

The Bad Batch opens its season with a BANG!  It is highly kinetic and rich in storytelling. 


When I think about this series, I start to ponder how Marvel put together all 23 of their movies culminating with the final Avenger Films.  I feel like Star Wars is doing something similar over the last 12 years. It started in the spring of 2009 with Clones Wars Season 1.  The Star Wars Universe has continued on to Star Wars Rebels and on to The Mandalorian.  The Bad Batch appears to be the bridge between the 7 seasons of the Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian.  All of these storylines fit in with Big Screen Trilogy films as well.


This episode also left me with a sense of sadness.  I love a good team.  Clone Force 99 was raised and trained together.  They fought in countless engagements.  They were close.  It was tough to see the team break apart.  I appreciate the tough, silent, and icy persona of Crosshair.  Seeing his brain manipulated to the point that he is an abject follower of the Emperor’s plans is very tough.  More on Crosshair below.  Now, for my 12 points!

  1. Right away we see a linkage to Star Wars Rebels with the appearance of a young Caleb Dume. Watching his Master murdered by clones clearly left him scarred.  You also see a hint of young Dume’s willingness to improvise and overcome adversity given his immediate affinity for Clone Force 99.  (Caleb Dume is the real name for Kanan Jarrus who is featured in Star Wars Rebels). 


  1. Parallels: Hunter shows some of the same traits we see in Dinn Djarin.  Hunter displays innate paternal attributes.  First, we see his willingness to protect Caleb Dume.  Whether it is out of a sense of duty to a Commander, or a paternal instinct, he wants to protect the boy.  Next, we see that he is immediately drawn to the girl, Omega.  Ultimately, he returns to Kamino to collect her and keep her safe. 


  1. Shall We Do What We Do? Clone Force 99 literally wrecks shop wherever they go.  From the opening scene of Episode 1, to Tarkin’s battle simulation, to their breakout from the brig on Kamino, they improvise, overcome and win the day regardless of the odds.


  1. Good Soldiers Follow Orders:  Crosshair’s inhibitor chip clearly was not fully compromised by his mutations.  From the beginning, he displayed a willingness to execute Order 66.  His willingness went as far as to betray the rest of his brothers by filing a counter report.  Tech suspected that Crosshair’s inhibitor chip had not been fully affected by his mutations.  Crosshair continued to question Hunter’s orders until ultimately Admiral Tarkin convinced the Kaminoans to enhance Crosshair’s inhibitor chip to the point that he would follow blindly follow the Empire’s orders.  Is Crosshair the first iteration of the Death Troopers?  Will he rejoin ever rejoin Clone Force 99?
  1. Admiral Tarkin is the master manipulator. His tactics are cunning and brutal.  Tarkin doesn’t care about inflicting casualties on his own men in order to prove a point.  He laid a trap to test the loyalty of The Bad Batch.  He found a tool he could manipulate in Crosshair.  He also found that mental conditioning of the clone troopers is vital to ensuring absolute obedience.  This is something we see in the subsequent films within the Star Wars Timeline.


  1. Wrecker is not all brute strength and chaos. There is a teddy bear inside.  He also has a sense of humor.


  1. The animosity between Clone Force 99 and the “Regs” is palpable.


  1. “All the Regs are acting strange.” Execute Order 66 appears to have additional side effects.  The Clone Troopers were remarkably colder than what we saw in the 7 Seasons of the Clone Wars.  In the Clone Wars they followed orders and developed individual personalities.  The concept of brotherhood amongst clones was apparent.  Post Order 66, it appears the clones have dropped their personalities completely and simply follow orders dispassionately.  They also act as if everyone is beneath them.  This is a trait never before displayed.
  1. Tech is quite observant. He is very keyed into Hunter and his reactions.  Tech is also a critical thinker.  Lastly, he has a great sense of humor.  He spends much of this episode ribbing Wrecker about his “programming.”


  1. She is my medical assistant:   Who is she?  Who is she cloned from?  We know she is an enhanced clone thanks to Echo’s analysis of her DNA.  Given her accent and location my immediate thought is that she is a female version of Jango Fett.  In any case, she is quite precocious.  She is very curious.   She clearly feels a kinship towards Clone Force 99.  She is perceptive.  She identifies a stuffed toy and recognizes later that it belongs to Wrecker, giving it to him to help calm him during his medical treatment.  She also senses that Crosshair will betray The Bad Batch.  Finally, she displays innate sharp shooting skills.


  1. Nala Se has more than a passing interest in Omega. I wonder if she is playing her own game for her own goals.  The Kaminoans are wary of the Empire and it appears Nala Se has a kinship towards Omega.  Lastly, she clearly has a high opinion of Clone Force 99, telling Admiral Tarkin that they are more effective than an entire army.


  1. Who is the contact at J-19? What is J-19?  I initially thought the contact could be Captain Rex.  However, I am not sure.  Could it be Cut, the deserter from The Clone Wars?  We will find out in the next episode!

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  1. It was a promising begin.
    Seemingly Crosshair will be one of the villains in the show along with Tarkin. I hope that Omega won’t develop in an annoying brat, but a valuable ally for the 99ers. Her skills are remarkable and I wonder who might be her “source”. I’ve watched only the dubbed German version so far, so I couldn’t tell if her accent is similar to Jango Fett’s as it is mentioned in the observations above.
    All in all I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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