Season 1, Episode 2 – Revenge/Justice

The Acolyte is taking us on a tour around the galaxy as each show appears to start on a new planet. The beginning of episode two left me a bit perplexed. I find it difficult to believe Mae can just waltz into a Jedi Temple unmolested. Obviously, Mae is well trained, but it is still hard to believe a Jedi’s Temple security is so lax. It is equally hard to believe that a Jedi wouldn’t sense the intrusion as it occurred.

The Barash Vow is an oath taken by a Jedi to take no action on behalf of the Jedi Order and to isolate oneself until they can trust themselves with the force again. The vow is named after Jedi Master Barash Silvain. Her story is fleshed out in the High Republic comics. In 382 BBY, during a particular conflict, she was tricked by a local princess into escalating the conflict in accordance with Master Barash’s own bias’s instead of listening to the force. Upon realizing her mistake, she took the aforementioned vow. Apparently, Master Torbin has done the same.

I surmise that Mae’s partner in crime is also from their home planet of Brendok. I believe this because the poison used comes from their home planet and he mixed it for Mae. Why does he have ill will towards the Jedi?

Master Sol is a more skilled warrior than Master Indara was. He does have the benefit of knowing how Master Indara died, giving him the ability to anticipate Mae’s moves and ultimately disarm her. He has also taught Jecki well. She is a thinker and a keen observer.

It will be interesting to learn why Kelnacca is alone. He appears to still maintain that famous Wookie battle rage despite his training as a Jedi.

Why does Mae think four Jedi committed a crime? What crime? Apparently Master Torbin, Master Indara, Master Sol and Master Kelnacca were on Mae and Osha’s planet at the time of their village fire. What happened? Why were the twins separated? How did the fire in their village start? Could it be that the Sith set up the whole thing in order to gain an Acolyte? Why didn’t Mae reunite with her sister? Is her thirst for the Darkside so overpowering? The mystery grows and continues to make this new addition to Star Wars compelling.

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