Season 1, Episode 1 – Lost/Found

Overall, once I got past my initial irritation explained below, I enjoyed the first episode of
the Acolyte. It is as exciting as it is mysterious.

When I watched the Acolyte for the first time, I was initially irritated. The opening credits state that the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic have prospered for centuries without war. That is not a true statement. Considered canon, the High Republic novels directly refute this notion. The latest adult High Republic novel, The Eye of Darkness, is set between 229 and 228 years Before the Battle of Yavin (also known as BBY). The Eye of Darkness details the next stage in the ongoing war between the Republic and the Jedi against the Nihil. The Acolyte’s opening credits state that the story occurs 100 years before the rise of the empire. The empire burst on the scene at around 19 BBY, meaning the Acolyte is taking place at 119 BBY. Only 109 years have passed between 228 BBY and 119 BBY. 109 years is clearly not centuries. It is unclear how this timing mistake has occurred, considering the High Republic novels currently published are canon.

It took me a bit of time to digest the incongruity of the timeline, however, once I settled into the show, I became intrigued. The Acolyte presents a kinetic and interesting mystery. At the outset we are shocked by a Jedi’s death in a very Sith like manner. The Sith are known to present ethical quandaries to their opponents’ personal detriment.

The first episode unfolds in a way that keeps the watcher engaged. In the beginning we see an individual slay a Jedi, and then we are introduced to her as Osha, the meknek…or so we thought. Appearances are deceiving. As you watch Osha’s interactions with Jedi Yord, his padawan and others, you begin to wonder how Osha could have killed a Jedi Knight. I myself thought she had a split personality…until the reveal.

The Acolyte appears to be exploring the issues of bringing in an older candidate to be trained as a Jedi. Osha was apparently eight when she began to train as a padawan.

The Acolyte treats us with a live action appearance of a notable Jedi from the novels about the High Republic. Master Vernestra Rwoh, a Mirialan, is one of the youngest ever to be knighted as a Jedi. She was merely 15 when knighted. A year later she took on a padawan. She is a unique Jedi who had a great teacher, Master Stellan Gios.

Master Rwoh has several uncommon talents. First, she has the ability to navigate hyperspace thru force visions that only occur in hyperspace. Second, at sixteen years of age, she modified her own lightsaber to have the ability to toggle into a light whip. Finally, in her early years, she was thought to be a terrible pilot because she managed to crash and destroy several Jedi Vector Starfighters. In this show, she should be about 126 years old. It is notable that she is a veteran of the horrendous war against the Nihil.

Jedi Master Sol presents as a deeply empathetic Jedi who maintains particularly fond memories of Osha. He knows her best and realizes something doesn’t add up. Lee Jung-Jae plays Master Sol and is a welcome addition to the Star Wars Universe. He captures the essence of a Jedi Master well. His padawan, Jecki Lon, is played by Dafne Maria Keen Fernandez. Her current claim to fame is her role as Laura (X-23) in the film Logan.

Padawan Jecki, a Theelin, appears to warn the audience about Jedi Yord during a brief exchange with Master Sol. Yord appears to be an acquired taste by the writer’s design. It is interesting to see a half-naked male Jedi with a ring in his ear who appears to act and talk much like an inexperienced Soldier. It is notable that his lightsaber is yellow. This blade used to be reserved for the Guardians of the Temple.

Whatever Osha is or is not, she is a survivor. She also has a deep connection to her past. Apparently one of her hidden talents involves force visions and a unique connection to the unconscious of her twin sister. Mae apparently is a survivor as well. Osha was not aware Mae was alive and one can only speculate as to why at this point.

Notable Observations:

  1. Neimodians appear as distasteful 100 years before the empire as they did 81 years later during their blockade of Naboo.
  2. The Jedi appear to be very conscious of Republic politics.
  3. I found it interesting how quickly Jedi Yord and Master Sol resorted to using mind control to get answers to questions.
  4. Master Rwoh is played by the spouse of the showrunner, Leslye Headland.

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