Season 1, Episode 4 - Andor

Season 1, Episode 4 – Andor – The Outer Rim Outpost

Last week’s episode lays more groundwork for the story to come. The episode details Luthen Rael’s cover, Andor’s first mission and provides insight into the Imperial Security Bureau. It also reveals a bit more of Andor’s back story. We learn that he has spent time in prison and that he is a veteran of up to two years of combat on Mimban. Chances are, he served on Mimban when Han Solo broke Chewbacca out of his cell.
The Imperial Security Bureau is an interesting agency. I suspect that we observed only a small portion of it’s inner workings. Consider Star Wars Rebels and some of the Timothy Zahn novels for a moment. In both storylines we become familiar with Admiral Yularen, head of the ISB. In episode 4 of Andor, we are introduced to Major Partagaz (who you may recognize as Qyburn from the Game of Thrones). Major Partagaz is NOT the head of the ISB. The Star Wars galaxy is massive and it would take an enormous agency to manage the security of it. I suspect Major Partagaz runs a section dedicated to a sector of the galaxy, of which he has a platoon of Lieutenants managing smaller pieces of the pie.
As with any government agency, there are plenty of internal politics. Junior officers wish to be noticed. Some care about upward mobility. Others are focused on the mission. Lieutenant Dedra Meero appears to be mission focused as she recognizes that a star path unit was stolen from one of her bases. She wants more information on the issue because she has tracked several other stolen items of similar value from her area of responsibility. Lieutenant Supervisor Blevin is responsible for six sectors, of which Ferrix in the Morlana system is one. He is not interested in sharing information. He is mission focused, but he seems to be motivated by upward mobility.
What is interesting is Major Partagaz’s indifference to the missing Starpath Unit. A Starpath Unit extremely valuable because it uses proprietary Imperial frequencies to tell the user where every Imperial asset is located within nine radial parsecs. Imperial assets that are tracked include all Imperial vessel’s and installations. This piece of equipment is highly valuable to any rebel cell seeking to attack a particular Imperial target. Major Partagaz does not seem to be interested in having two of his Lieutenants collaborate nor is he interested in shifting the focus of the Ferrix problem to finding the root of the stolen Starpath Unit problem. He seems to be a good leader, focused on mission execution. He holds his officers accountable and praises them where praise is due. One must wonder if he holds Rebel sympathies given how he handled his two warring Lieutenants.
Luthen Rael has done his homework on Cassian Andor. He has talked to numerous individuals about Andor’s background. He has specifically recruited him to his cause. Rael must be the leader of at least one Rebel Cell, if not more. Rael is not above lying, even to his own people. He convinced Vel to take Andor on under the premise that he is a disposable mercenary. Yet, it is clear that he is betting on Andor to carry his crew thru to accomplish the heist. Like all small unit’s, the Rebel cell on Aldhani is insular, suspicious and paranoid. It will take time for everyone to trust Andor. I suspect he will earn their trust thru his preparation and execution of the upcoming mission.
Easter Eggs. This episode is jam packed with easter eggs. We already discussed Mimban. The bulk of the easter eggs come from Luthen Rael’s antiquities shop. His shop is a Star Wars aficionado’s delight. As the camera pans around the shop, we see a Wookie warriors helmet, Mandalorian armor, a Kalikori, a Kel Dor antiox mask, a Wookie Battle Shield, pieces of the door to World Between Worlds, a Kashyyk clarion and armor similar to what Starkiller wore in The Force Unleashed. In the back room we are treated to a Gungan energy shield as well as Jedi and Sith holocrons. It is a small wonder that the Emperor is not aware of such important items. The other obvious easter eggs center around people. For those acquainted with the comics, Sly Moore and Ars Dangor are close confidents to the Emperor himself.
Rebellions require funds. Luthen’s meeting with Mon Mothma centers around the sticky subject of money. Perhaps that is why he needs to steal the Imperial payroll on Aldhani.

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