Season 1, Episode 5 – The Axe Forgets: Andor / The Outer Rim Outpost

Anticipation. Tension. Suspicion. These are the main themes that seem to drive this episode of Andor. Arvel Skeen embodies paranoia coupled with vengeance. It is a dangerous combination for anyone considered an outsider. “Clem” and Arvel had several moments. They both talked about their exposure to the Imperial penal system. When “Clem” finally identified himself as a mercenary he finally satisfied Arvel’s suspicious mind. What is interesting is that “Clem identified the fact that they were all scared, including him. When he did that, he showed empathy for their situation. His lack of emotion about the cause was concerning to this small rebel cell. However, they all identified with the notion of fear before a dangerous mission. It was an important bonding moment.
The Axe Forgets

Fear of the unknown can be a powerful deterrent to action. During “Clem’s in briefing, he was questioned on the particulars of the craft they were flying out. Apparently, they were not fully prepared to fly it. “Clem” made it clear he would be the one to fly the craft out. Later, during a walk thru, “Clem” identified that the imposter troop was not maximizing their fields of fire based off of whether they were right or left-handed. They were all surprised to learn of “Clems” observations of each members strengths and weaknesses. In the end, they took his suggestions to heart.


As the show tells its story, it does a wonderful job of weaving the back story of various characters into it. We find out that Lieutenant Gorn’s reasons for betraying the Empire are surprisingly personal and intimate to him. Syril Karn apparently has high level imperial connections along with a deep resentment for his mother. Finally, each member of the rebel cell has a particular skill set that seemingly fits their personality. The show organically introduces you to each of the members as it moves the overall story along. 

The Axe Forgets

It is hard to figure out why the story kept panning back to Mon Mothma and her family troubles. One thing is clear, there is division in the family. Additionally, Mon Mothma must know that her husband harbors deep seated imperial sympathies. He may even be a spy. I think the show is foreshadowing her eventual break from her family.


Dedra Meero is hot on the case. She is aware that there are some odd occurrences of theft and raids spanning Imperial Space. The Imperial bureaucracy is happy to chalk these incidents up to random events. However, Meero correctly surmises that if one is trying to hide a rebellion, one would spread out the attacks rather than focus on one particular area. I wonder if she will be rewarded for her analysis…

The Axe Forgets
The episode ends as the team is making its final preparations for its raid. This is a raid that must succeed for Luthen. He needs resources to fund the rebellion. X-Wings, T-47s, Y-wings, B-Wings, A-Wings, cruisers, freighters, arms, munitions, and other supplies all cost money. This raid might be the tipping point to fund a much wider and pervasive rebellion.

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