Season 1, Episodes 3: Choices

Season 1, Episode 2: Justice

This story short seems to introduce the origins of Count Dooku’s fall from the light side of the force. This episode treats us to a young Qui Gon Jinn and his growth. Dooku and Qui Gon are on a missing person’s mission. They are looking for the son of a senator who was kidnapped. It seems that the people of the Senator’s home planet are deeply troubled by the Senator’s lack of attention to the problems on the planet. He appears to have King John syndrome.

The Jedi quickly discern who the kidnappers are and find the boy. He is quite sympathetic to the people’s living conditions. The boy is deeply troubled by his father’s lack of attention to his people.


One of the kidnappers turns out to be an informer. The Senator arrived with his own troops to secure his son. Jedi Master Dooku is quite troubled by what he has seen. He reminds the Senator that the Jedi serve the people of the republic. The Senator unwisely attacks. Dooku fed up with the Senator’s arrogance and words, force chokes the Senator as he swats away blaster boats.

Corruption must be eradicated. These words are eerily similar to Anakin’s words as he was growing up. The dark side of the force takes advantage of an individual’s angst with the unfairness of the world. It twists the mind into believing that force must be applied to affect change. The dark side of the force twists an individual’s notion of justice to evil ends. The good men that Dooku and Anakin were cease to exist and are replaced with Sith Lords…..

Qui Gon wisely told the boy to go save his father, breaking Dooku’s hold. He thought in the moment. Dooku recognized the wisdom of Qui Gon’s actions. Unfortunately, he never learned the lesson himself.

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