Nobody’s Listening

Season 1, Episode 9 – Nobody’s Listening / The Outer Rim Outpost

Plans, Investigations and Revelations. The net is drawing closer to Cassian Andor and Axis. Cassian is working on an escape plan and Vel Sartha’s associations are truly revealed. Another revelation about Cassian’s captors becomes known as well.

This episode is yet another building block to the next climax of this season. The death of a fellow inmate reveals an important fact about Narkina 5. None of the inmates are ever leaving. A whole group of prisoners were executed due to a riot that was started by an inmate who was supposedly released but ended up on a different prisoner floor. Rumors abounded until they were finally confirmed. Cassian and Kino Loy found out the truth from the medic who eased Ulaf’s pain by euthanizing him. Ulaf had suffered a stroke. The cruelty of the empire dictated euthanasia rather than treatment. 


Vel is revealed as Mon Mothma’s cousin. This is interesting because of how little Mon Mothma knows of Vel’s operations. What Mon Mothma does know is that she does work for Luthen Rael. She must suspect that its dangerous.

Meero’s net is tightening. Prior to Bix’s capture, Meero figured out the details of how Bix communicated with the buyer of stolen parts. She suspects the buyer is Axis. She was able to obtain a list of all the gear Axis purchased from Bix. Meero and her assistant were able to surmise from the evidence they gathered that Cassian Andor was likely involved in the Aldhani raid. Finally, the Imperials captured a rebel pilot and learned about a new suspected raid on a power station. The ISB are in the process of laying a trap for larger fish….


Karn is relentless. He finds a way to badger Meero about the investigation. Is he also interested in Meero romantically? His response to Meero’s questions causes one to wonder….

Nobody is listening. Cassian understands the Empire better than most. He understands the Empire is arrogant and oblivious. As he plans his escape, he struggles to learn as much as he can about the movement of the guards as well as the limitations of the electro floor. Early in the episode he pleads with Kino for guard deployment details…and was stonewalled. It takes Ulaf’s death to finally convince Kino to join the effort to escape.
The next episode will likely involve Cassian’s escape. One must wonder if there is going to be outside help. Is the power station raid a feint to pull ISB agents’ attention so that Narkina 5 can be attacked? Of note, Duncan Pow, one of the prisoners, was with Cassian during the Scarif raid. When Cassian escapes, Duncan will likely go with him.

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