Season 2, Episode 11 – Metamorphosis

The Bad Batch are looking for a way to extricate themselves from Cid. However, they realize that she can make things very difficult on them if they abruptly disassociate themselves with her. So, they take on a mission to retrieve cargo from a downed ship. Unfortunately, they have no other information to go on.

What they don’t know is that the downed ship is an Imperial Science ship. It was taken over by some unknown beast that apparently breached a containment field and killed everyone on board.
Mount Tantiss is located on planet Weyland (also known as Wayland). This concept was first thought up by Timothy Zahn, in his Legends novel, Heir to the Empire. It appears that Dave Filoni loves this original story line so much, that is he is looking for a way to flesh out and use as much as the original back story in canon. As the episode unfolds, we become more acquainted with some of the inner workings of Tantiss. It is clear Imperial experiments are conducted here. Cloning is one of the major operations occurring on the base. Nala Se is imprisoned on Mount Tantiss. The Empire has been unsuccessful in their efforts to convince the Kaminoan to participate in further cloning experiments. She is devastated at the loss of her home.
The Bad Batch eventually locate and infiltrate the downed cargo ship. As Tech, downloads data from the bridge of the ship, the remainder of the team explored the ship. Omega realized that the technology in the science lab was Kaminoan. She also observed that the technology had been heavily modified. They encounter the creature for the first time and realize that it isn’t anything like they have seen before.
Eventually it escapes and looks for a power source to feed off of. As Hunter and Wrecker chase it down in the Maruder, Tech and Omega seek to obtain more information off the ship. About the time the Marauder locates the beast, they realize that it has changed, and has grown exponentially larger. It had turned into a Zillo Beast! These creatures feed off of electricity and power. The Empire shows up around the same time and work towards securing the beast, while breaking off some fighters and ships to chase down the Bad Batch. Clone Force 99 eventually escapes, and the Empire captures the Zillo Beast.
Observations. First, the Clone Commandos are the Empires choice to secure Mount Tantiss and track down wayward problems. Second, the Empire leverages everything it can to get what it wants. The director of Tantiss questions Lama Su about how to properly motivate Nala Se. Third, the direction of the remainder of the season is likely set. It appears that Clone Commando’s from Tantiss will lead the effort to track down Clone Force 99 and secure Omega to motivate Nala Se to participate in further experimentation. Lastly, the Empire sanitizes everything it doesn’t want the public to know about. The people of the planet where the science ship crashed were all gathered up. Where did they go? Did they end up at a labor camp or something worse?

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