Season 3, Chapter 17, The Apostate

Though a short episode, it was a great way to start the season off. It sets the tone for the season as it defines a specific quest. Now, for my observation points.

1. The Covert Thrives. The Armorer and Paz Vizla have grown the covert, adding a large number of foundlings to their number. They appear to have settled on a desolate, far away planet that suits their needs. We are also given a brief window into how a Mandalorian helmet is made. Additionally, we are given some idea of how the creed was administered to a young Din Djarin. The founding, possibly 13 years old, with long dark locks and a seemingly innocent face, takes his oath solemnly.

2. The Armorer and Vizla sure get around. The last time we saw them they were on the ring world. I wonder what their ship looks like? Do they have a Gauntlet fighter?

3. A Monster to Slay. Jon Favereau seems to always include some new and fantastic creature. It is unclear what the beast in Chapter 17 is. It looks like a cross between a turtle and an alligator. Its appearance was towards the end of the initiation of the new foundling. The Mandalorian Covert struggled with defeating it until Din Djarin swooped in and saved the day with a well-placed torpedo.

4. Apostate. The Armorer is a mystery. She is disappointed in Din Djarin. She is aggravated with him. Yet, she tolerates his presence enough to engage in conversation with him. She has genuine affection for him, possibly because he is the only member of the Covert who truly seems to walk the way of the Mandalore. He does not hide. He seeks adventure, and purpose. They discuss an ancient relic he acquired. This is intriguing. It shows that he has been busy, searching for details about their home planet. Remember, during the Book of Fett, the Armorer had already explained how he could atone for removing his own helmet. Din Djarin had begun his search for information shortly after the defeat of the Pikes. The Armorer’s parting comment was said in an almost hopeful manner.

5. Purrgil. While in hyperspace, Grogu felt the presence of the purrgil. They are the giant whale like creatures that were outlined in hyperspace. Star Wars Fans became acquainted with them during the Star Wars Rebels show. The purrgil have a connection with the force. Thru the force Ezra Bridger connected with them. I believe Grogu connected with them as well, but it startled him, causing him to seek refuge in Djarin’s arms as Djarin was sleeping. The emergence of the purrgil could be just some added flavor, or it could be a preview of things to come…

6. Navarro. The planet, and its main port have come a long way since season one of the Mandalorian. It is now a thriving and growing city, securing its relevancy by being a trade spur of the Hydian Way. The Hydian Way is one of the main galactic hyperspace lanes used for trade. Greef Karga is now the high magistrate of the city, and he has ensured order, even with the loss of Marshal Cara Dune. As the cameras pan around, you get a sense that the town is now a peaceful environment, welcoming to all that come for business or pleasure. Yes, I said pleasure. There was a small comment about the geothermal springs made by one of the vendors.

7. Pirates. It is unsurprising that pirates operate in this sector. When Karga operated the local Bounty Hunting Guild, he did business with a variety of individuals, to include pirates. It will be interesting to see what role the pirates play in Season 3 of the Mandalorian. For now, they appear to be a nuisance that both Karga and the Mandalorian quickly swatted away.

8. Pirate Easter Eggs. Those of you that have had the pleasure of playing X-Wing Alliance recognized the pirates starfighter. It is called a R-41 Star Chaser. The version in Chapter 17 features only three engines instead of four. Additionally, it appeared that the R-41’s used in Chapter 17 lacked the ion cannon’s featured in the ships you can fly in X-Wing Alliance. The ship’s drawbacks include low maneuverability, and light armor. The Mandalorian easily took four of the pirate fighters out. The next major easter egg came from the pirate capital ship. If you noticed the shape, it looked exactly like a much smaller version of the Eclipse-class dreadnought. This ship is a product of Star Wars Legends and was meant to be Emperor Palpatine’s flagship. It appears the show writers decided they liked the design and made it into a much smaller frigate class ship.

9. IG-11. Djarin’s new quest is born out of his desire to reanimate and reactive IG-11. He wants the use of a droid he can trust as he explores planet Mandalore. This becomes the subject of his next quest. After some drama surrounding the restart of IG-11, it is decided that a professional should work on the problem. Karga introduces Djarin to a family of Anzellan’s who advise him on his next course of action. Were we introduced to Babu Frik’s family? It is hard to say, but the Anzellan droid technician stated he could repair IG-11 with the right memory core part. Grogu appeared to really like the Anzellan’s.

10. Bo-Katan. The Kryze family castle is on Kalevala, a planet that is in the Mandalore system. Djarin pays her a visit hoping to join her original quest to re-take Mandalore. He is disappointed to learn that she lost her fleet. She is bitter. She is disappointed. She is disillusioned. Despite that, she gives Djarin a valuable piece of information. She tells him exactly where the Living Waters of the mines of Mandalore are located.

The season could go a number of different directions. What is the pirate’s role in the show? Wil the purrgil play an important part? Will Bo-Katan join with Din Djarin? What happens when he bathes in the Living Waters? Will there be another Mandalorian Civil War? Bo-Katan bitterly remarked that Mandalorians will flock to him once they realize he carries the Dark Saber. Apparently, she did not share that valuable piece of information with her fellow Mandalorians. I think it shows some measure of respect for Din Djarin. She knew he had other interests to attend to and seemingly lacked an interest in being a leader. I look forward to Chapter 18!

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