Season 2, Episode 12 – The Outpost

This episode centers around Crosshair. His character continues to evolve. The decommissioning and retirement of clones is in full effect. Older clones are being “put out to pasture” as new young officers take charge. This episode features a particularly distasteful young Lieutenant Nolan.

Crosshair’s mission is to escort the Lieutenant to secure cargo located at an Imperial depot on Barton-IV. The planet itself is cold and unforgiving. It’s unclear where in the galaxy the planet is located, but it’s only a 2 hour lightspeed jump away from Coruscant.
Only three clone troopers remain from the squad assigned to guard the Imperial Outpost located on Barton IV. According to Mayday, the locals and raiders have been attacking the Outpost. As Mayday is showing Crosshair around, another attack occurs. Crosshair manages to wound one of the raiders. He follows his trail and is joined by Mayday. They return to base and are ordered to recover two stolen crates.
The remainder of Mayday’s squad is killed, so Crosshair and Mayday pick up the trail where they left it. They navigate a pressure mine and eventually come upon an encampment. The inhabitants of the encampment appear well armed. Crosshair and Mayday engage, eventually causing an avalanche. Before the avalanche starts, they note one of the crates is opened, and they see what is inside, stormtrooper armor and gear.
Mayday apparently suffered internal injuries due the avalanche. Crosshair helps him back to base. The trek was grueling and bitterly cold. They had to weather a night in the cold before continuing on foot back to base where the Lieutenant continues to berate and degrade the beleaguered clones. Nolan refused to help Mayday, he apparently died in Crosshairs arms. This angered Crosshair to the point that he shot and killed Nolan.
Crosshair wakes up not knowing where he is or what is going on. The audience knows though. He is in Mount Tantiss where the scientists are going to experiment on him. I believe he may end up being the first version of the death troopers…but we shall see. All in all, it was a sad episode. You feel for Crosshair because though he won’t admit it verbally, he misses his brothers from Clone Force 99. He shows you by helping Mayday, and by his first act of rebellion, killing the distasteful Lieutenant Nolan.

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