Season 3, Chapter 19, The Convert

This chapter deals largely with Dr. Pershing. We are reminded that there is still a much larger plot connected to this story. The Mandalorian is set in a Star Wars universe that continues to move on. Still, the Chapter starts and ends with Mandalorian centric themes. Here are my points of interest.

1. The Mines of Mandalore. Bo-Katan knows what she saw in the Living Waters, yet she asks Din Djarin if he saw anything. Why did she do that? There are several reasons to consider. It could be that she wishes to keep the secret to herself and will leverage the knowledge at the right moment. It also could be that she thinks that no one would believe her. This is an interesting thought. She lost her planet. She lost the Dark Saber. She was unable to retrieve the Dark Saber during her quest, so her new support to re-take Mandalore fell away. If she reveals the Mythosaur lives now, her people may not believe her. I don’t think that is necessarily the reason though. Din Djarin has no reason to disbelieve her. In fact, he might consider diving back into the waters to see for himself. For Bo-Katan, it could be as simple as the time isn’t right. It’s likely she doesn’t know what to do with that information, so she sits on it. The knowledge of the Mythosaur does raise an important question, what does it survive on?

2. Attack on Bo-Katan. Someone from the Imperial Remnant has targeted her and her home for destruction. Bo-Katan shows off her fighter pilot skills, as she skillfully flies thru her home’s canyons and cliffs. The attacking TIE Interceptors prove to be no match for Djarin’s N-1. Unfortunately, even as the two Mandalorians work together to defeat the TIE Interceptors, her castle is bombed. After she takes out one of the bombers, Djarin sees over 19 TIE interceptors come on to his scope. They had easily dispatched six TIE interceptors, but now 19 were bearing down on them so it was time to leave. Of note, it doesn’t take long for the N-1 to fire up! Lastly, with 27 starfighters assigned to attack Bo-Katan, there must have been a Star Destroyer nearby. Whose was it?

3. Dr. Pershing. The chapter turned its focus on Dr. Pershing. He was accepted into the re-integration program of the New Republic. The re-integration program seems to mirror how the Empire operates. Folks assigned to re-integration are given a number, similar quarters and menial tasks to do. He stays at amnesty housing, which seems to mirror a halfway house for parolees.

4. G-68. The communications officer from Moff Gideon’s ship is also in the amnesty program. Given Dr. Pershing and G-68’s common background, they became closely acquainted. She seemed to be-friend him. Actually, what she was doing was grooming Dr. Pershing. She is a mole. It is unclear who she is a mole for. We cannot definitively say she is a mole for Grand Admiral Thrawn because there has yet to be a connection made between Moff Gideon and Thrawn. The emperor’s grand scheme may not necessarily be connected to Thrawn’s role. What is clear is that Dr. Pershing is an expert in cloning and the Emperor was eventually cloned.

5. Communications Officer Elia Kane. Her mission was likely to observe and report. She was not activated to action until Dr. Pershing indicated a willingness to continue his research. She artfully and carefully set him up, leading him to the scrapped Star Destroyer and into the lab. After securing the equipment he wanted, they exited the ship into a trap.

6. Mind Flayer. Apparently, the device is a holdover from the days of the Empire. One of the underlying themes of this chapter seems to be that nothing much has changed, except who is in charge. The rich indicated this at the beginning of the episode. The use of numbers to identify the “parolees” is another indicator. Lastly, the use of the mind flayer for behavioral treatment indicates that those in charge learned much from their former Imperial overlords. In this chapter, the authorities attempt low level behavioral treatment with the Mind Flayer. However, Kane convinces the tech to allow her to stay and watch. After the tech leaves, she turns up the dial. This will presumably fry his mind and keep his knowledge away from the New Republic. It is an interesting tactic. The New Republic has banned cloning, yet the agents of evil appear to be so scared of Dr. Pershing’s knowledge that they would rather turn him into a vegetable than kidnap him and use his knowledge for themselves.

7. The Covert. Din Djarin leads Bo-Katan back to the one surviving Mandalorian Covert he knows about. He presents the water he dipped from the mines to Armorer. The water has the same effects we have observed in the past when the Armorer is making armor. Apparently, the living water has additional properties needed to help curate the armor. Though Bo-Katan does not walk the way, she did bath in the waters, and she has not removed her helmet. By creed, the Armorer also considers her to be redeemed. She is free to come and go as she pleases. It will be interesting to see how Bo-Katan operates moving forward. She has exhibited great skepticism and sarcasm about some of the “rituals” of Mandalorians. Her skepticism is not unfounded. She was a member of the Death Watch and realized how the evil ambitions of one man could fracture and break her people. Yet, she know realizes the Mythosaur is real. She has to consider what to do with that knowledge. She also has to consider her place with her people. Lastly, Paz Vizla is troubled. He is most certainly aware of Bo-Katan’s connection to Clan Vizla. Clans Vizla and Kryze were once at odds for the leadership of Mandalore. Will this old rivalry revive? If so, will it be up to Djarin to heal all wounds?

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