Season 2, Episode 14 – Tipping Point

Echo has joined a network of rogue clones who are helping their brothers escape the Empire. Apparently, the Chief Scientist of Mount Tantiss has taken an interest in these clones for his own experimental purposes. While rescuing a batch of clones in transit to Wayland, Echo comes across some data that he could not encrypt. This forces him to contact his old squad. He needed Tech’s expertise.
Meanwhile, the Chief Scientist is focused his efforts on finding Omega. The scientist hopes Crosshair will cooperate, but if he doesn’t the scientist has other methods he can resort to. The Scientist employs the use of a torture droid. Crosshair is remarkably resistant to the mind probe. At one point, he escapes and sends a coded message to his former squad. Unfortunately, he was unable to escape Mount Tantiss and the Scientist resumed his torture.
Wrecker is right at home on Pabu. He loves fishing and helping the local people out. Meanwhile, Tech is going thru the normal parental pain of teaching a teenager to fly. Omega has the need for speed. But, for what it’s worth she is a great pilot. Finally, Hunter is torn between the desire to stay and the desire to be on the move for safety purposes. As I stated last week, my hope is that Pabu never becomes compromised since they are developing so many great friends and memories.
Echo arrives on Pabu and is pleasantly surprised at what he finds. Omega is extremely excited to see him. Tech is able to decrypt the data. The team learns about the Advanced Science Division. Dr. Royce Hemlock is the director….our Chief Scientist. Crosshair is listed as a detainee. Then Tech found the coded message, Plan 88, the seeker. I find the name Hemlock somewhat ironic. He has developed immunity to certain toxins he likes to use.
I believe the remaining two episodes will be about Clone Force 99 reuniting again as they work to save Crosshair. Of note, one of the clones working with Echo was a former Republic Commando. Looking at them side by side, Republic Commandos appear to be slightly larger than normal clones.
I believe Dr. Hemlock is working on the first iterations of the Death Troopers as well as the Dark Troopers. It’s possible they want Omega since they believe she is the purest form of Fett DNA available to them so that they can manipulate it to their own uses. However, Hemlock has also taken an interest in rebellious clones. It’s interesting that they are so focused on Omega, yet Boba is out there as well. It makes you wonder what else is so special about her.
The last two episodes of the season are next week!

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