Season 2, Episode 13 – Pabu

This week’s episode is a rather pleasant one. It appears that Hunter and the team have found what they have always wanted, a peaceful secluded get away. The episode starts off with a dust up between Phee Genoa and some mercenaries. Apparently the mercs secured an artifact she wanted. The mercs attempted to kill her once payment was made. Thankfully she had the Bad Batch as backup who helped secure her get away with the artifact as well as the money.
While on the ship, the team received a transmission from Cid wondering where they were at. The Bad Batch had decided to break ties with her. Phee warned them that their tactic could backfire on them. Cid has a mean streak and a long memory.
Phee decided to invite them to her own personal get away. She brings them to her hidden sanctuary and home away from home, Pabu. At the top of the island of Pabu, sits the Archium. The Archium is a giant vault, housing “treasures” from around the galaxy. Tech observes that the artifact that they helped Phee secure did not seem to hold much monetary value. While true, the real value of the artifacts is attributed to the dwindling cultures they came from. I could see this particular vault be of considerable interest to Grand Admiral Thrawn. Remember, Thrawn studies art to understand the mindset and culture of the civilizations he must deal with.
Phee also observes that it is important for Omega to be around children her own age. It will help her grow up. Tech and Wrecker seem to have problems conceptualizing this, but the ever in-tune Hunter understands innately what Phee is talking about.
The team is introduced to the leader of Pabu and they learn that Pabu is not only a repository for artifacts of dwindling cultures, but also a safe haven for refugees. This leads one to wonder refugees from what? The encroaching Empire?
Omega immediately befriends Leanna, the daughter of the Mayor of Pabu. It is the second time in this overall story that Omega gets to interact with a female of her age. The first was Hera Syndulla.
The team is given a tour of the island and settles in for a wonderful meal. Leana and Omega head out to sea. Suddenly an earthquake rattles the island. The quake causes a tsunami. The team works together to secure all the people of Pabu to safety in upper Pabu. After the natural disaster subsided, the team decides that they will stay on Pabu and help rebuild.
I hope that Pabu remains a safe haven and does not become another casualty of the evil designs of the Empire. Time will tell……

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