The Summit

Season 2, Episode 15 – The Summit

Clone Force 99 finds out that Dr. Hemlock is attending a secret meeting with Wilhuff Tarkin on Tarkin’s homeward of Eriadu. The team develops a plan to go to Tarkin’s compound and plant a beacon on Dr. Hemlock’s shuttle. A sound strategic plan, however, it would be very difficult to execute. Hunter is understandably hesitant but Omega and Tech push hard for the mission. They hope the beacon will lead them to where Crosshair is being held.
As the team makes ready to leave, there is a precious moment between Phee and Tech. She likes him. Though he doesn’t quite seem to see it, it appears that her interest in him is starting to have an effect on him.
The team successfully infiltrates Tarkin’s compound. However, they notice that certain cameras security measures were off. Hunter and Tech go to investigate. As they are trying to puzzle out the new mystery, Omega plants the beacon with Wrecker as overwatch.
Hunter and Tech finally figure out the mystery of the downed security measures. Saw Gerrera has also infiltrated the base with his team and planted several bombs. Not long after the Imperials spot the infiltrators, a battle ensues.
The Bad Batch make their way back to a high-rise car and start heading back to their extraction point. However, when Gerrera’s explosives detonate, the explosion shuts down the high-rise cars. That is where the episode ends.
The mission would have been a successful one, but for Saw Gerrera. His personal mission compromised the Bad Batch’s mission. Gerrera is notoriously short sighted, and this is yet another example of the chaos that ensues when he gets his way. He does not care about collateral damage, he only cares about his mission. The team may suffer because of it.

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