Season 2, Episode 16 – Plan 99

Tragedy and Betrayal mark this episode. Gerrara’s actions compromised the Bad Batch’s mission. His bombs blew up all of the shuttles, including the one the team placed a beacon on. Further, his actions compromised Clone Force 99’s safe egress out of harm’s way.
The team is suspended on the high-rise car when they start taking fire from an opposite car. Tech realizes that he can get the power going to the car again so he exits the car, runs along the rail back to a power station and gets the power going again.
On his way back, Tarkin had scrambled V-Wing fighters to take down the intruders. The fighters knocked one of the cars off the high rise rail. It was being held on by a thin connection hinge to the other car. Unfortunately, Echo was on his way back and the cannon fire knocked him off the rail. All he could do is shoot his grappling hook to the closest thing to him which was the disconnected car hanging by a thread. The team was taking fire from storm troopers causing the cars to come off the rail. In order to save the team, Echo fired the shot to sever the connection hinge allowing his team to escape and sacrificing himself in the process. His sacrifice is apparently known as Plan 99. That is to say, sacrificing yourself for the greater good of the team, is Plan 99.
For some reason Hunter and Echo decided to convalesce at Cid’s. This was their undoing. She betrayed them to the Empire for a pile of credits. Hunter and Wrecker were able to escape. However, Omega was successfully captured and sedated. As it turns out, Cid reverted to her true nature. She only looks out for number one. Unfortunately she is the exact opposite of what the team stands for.
Dr. Hemlock and his troopers escorted Omega back to Mount Tantiss. Dr. Hemlock threatened Nala Se. If she didn’t perform as asked, Omega’s life was forfeit. Omega was escorted deep into the bowels of Mount Tantiss. While there she was introduced to one of the scientists. This was the same female scientist that was looking after Crosshair two episodes ago. The scientist unveiled a bombshell. She introduced herself as Omega’s sister.
This is where the season ends. There are many questions to answer. How long as Omega’s sister been under the Empires thumb? Is she an enhanced clone as well? Is Dr. Hemlock aware this scientist is a clone? How will the team rescue Omega? Is Tech really gone?
Tech was such an integral part of the team. He was the brains. He could solve any problem. He was an excellent pilot and commando. His enhanced cognitive abilities apparently suppressed certain normal emotions; however, he was capable of learning as he showed with Omega. It appeared Tech was on a path to learn what romance was all about as Phee exhibited an interested in her “Brown Eyes.” Plan 99 is a tragic episode. Unfortunately, in war no one is immune to being a casualty.
The last two episodes highlight that the Emperor’s plans for the galaxy were still in their infant stages. There were several initiatives being pursued at once to advance the Emperor’s evil designs, one of which was Star Dust. I think we all look forward to Season Three.

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