Season 2, Episode 2 – Ruins of War

With the team separated, they must figure out how to link back together and survive. The containers fall back to the planet injured Echo, inhibiting the teams ability to move quickly. Meanwhile, Wrecker and Hunter make their way thru the bowels of Dooku’s castle. They begin to navigate their way thru the remnants of the city.
As Echo, Tech and Omega limp their way thru the forest, the become acquainted with a local. Romar grudgingly helps the trio to safety giving them some rest and respite. He discusses his disgust for the Count Dooku as well as the Empire, while introducing a kaleidoscope to Omega. Echo becomes somewhat despondent, understanding that they might lose a chance at grabbing a loot to fund the fight against the Empire. He heads out into the forest to check for scouts. Omega, sensing Echo’s melancholy, decides that she will take matters into her own hands.
It is interesting to note Romar’s discussion of Count Dooku. He lamented the fact that Count Dooku pillaged his own planet to fund his self-interest. This is a closing of an unfortunate circle that we saw that started forming in Tales of the Jedi. There, Dooku was angered at the Senator for his corruption.

Tech’s eyes were opened to the plight of others when Romar explained that they were once a great peaceful people with a culture all their own. Tech helped Romar access a data base that Romar thought was lost. Romar would soon repay the favor. 


Meanwhile, Hunter and Tech navigate the ruins of the city below Dooku’s castle with imperial clone troopers hot on their tail. Eventually, they are forced to improvise their way out of a tight situation. Wrecker rigged up a giant solution to their problem. They eventually fought their way back to their ship where they took off to link up with the rest of the team.

Upon his return from his scouting patrol, Echo realized that Omega went missing and surmised exactly where she would be. He found her in the container gathering valuables for the perceived fight ahead. Echo realized that his words had a powerful effect on the young Omega. As this realization hit him, he knew scout troopers were on the way. Tech also had decided to follow Echo. He saw the troopers and engaged, suffering another wound. Romar came along just in time to help the clones defeat their enemies.
The Bad Batch left empty handed, but with their team intact. Unfortunately, another Clone Commander was sacrificed to the ambitions of an Imperial Officer.

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