Season 2, Episode 1 – Spoils of War

The first episode of the new season opens with a bit of hilarious excitement. It was like a scene out of an Indiana Jones film, with crustacean like creatures chasing the Bad Batch out of the woods with a treasure box in tow. They appeared to be sentient as they showed an aptitude to dodge and deflect blaster fire.
The Bad Batch has put Omega on an academic curriculum centered around learning about ships, weapons and their capabilities. She is also very impressionable. She overhears a conversation between Hunter and Echo and takes it a bit too literally as young kids tend to do. Hunter wants as much as wealth as possible to disappear and keep Omega safe. Echo feels that it is their duty to fight.

It seems that Dinn Djarin isn’t the only one in the Star Wars universe who has earned the nick name brown eyes.


The Bad Batch’s new job is high-stakes and very dangerous. Apparently, the Emperor has turned his attention to Count Dooku’s considerable wealth. Will the Bad Batch be able to secure a portion of it?


Once on Serrano, Count Dooku’s planet, the team scouts his palace and formulates a plan. They note the devastated city around his planet. There does not appear to be any locals that survived.

During the heist, the teams plan blows up in their face, they become separated, and they must improvise. Tech, Echo and Omega are stuck on the Cargo ship as it takes off with Hunter and Wrecker on the ground. Wrecker’s fear of heights becomes tested once again, yet he seems to manage it quite well.

On the Cargo ship, Omega’s training comes to fruition. She understands the working functions of the cargo container which gives the team a fighting chance to get way before the ship jumps to hyperspace.


The first episode ends with the team separated.

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