Season 3, Chapter 22, Guns For Hire

Investigation and Unification. These are the main themes of this week’s chapter. Djarin has joined Bo-Katan on her quest to find and reunify Mandalorians. Their hunt brings them to a remote but advanced Out Rim Planet with an unusual problem. The result of this investigation sets the stage for the next Chapter.

1. Mon Calamari Politics. Quarrens and Mon Calamari are ancient ethnic enemies. The Empire exploited this fact to their own ends. It seems that the two cultures have made peace. And yet, there seems to be a Romeo and Juliet situation that has developed.

2. Privateers. Axe Woves has taken command of the Mandalorian fleet he helped Bo-Katan build. Disillusioned with her inability to obtain the Dark Saber, he broke away, leading the remaining members of the fleet as a mercenary band. This chapter opens with the Privateers settling a Mon Cala political problem.

3. Plazir-15. Bo-Katan and Djarin’s quest has led them to Plazir-15. Described as a domed paradise, this planet’s society appears to be highly advanced and extraordinarily clean. Once an imperial outpost, the planet has since been liberated and the royal line restored to power, albeit democratically. Former imperial planning officer Captain Bombardier was placed on Plazir-15 to help rebuild the planet. He ended up falling in love with and marrying The Duchess of Plazir-15. In a somewhat comical and overdramatic manner, Jack Black and Lizzo play their roles well.

4. Politics and Policy. The New Republic certainly has put their stamp on the galaxy. Certain planets are prohibited from having their own standing army or defense fleet. However, they can hire privateers for security if they wish. Plazir-15 has contracted Axe Woves and his group of mercenaries for protection in exchange for what appears to be a base of operations. Due to some rather ridiculous rules and regulations, the Privateers cannot help police Plazir-15, only defend it. However, Captain Bombardier appears to have observed a slight loophole wherein Mandalorians, separate and apart from a privateer group could help investigate a problem. Djarin and Bo-Katan are contracted to resolve the mystery of malfunctioning and violent droids in exchange for access to the Mandalorian Privateer group. Bo-Katan was skeptical until the Duchess offered to recognize Mandalore as a sovereign system and petition the New Republic to recognize it as such.

5. Private Investigators. Once again, Din Djarin and Bo-Katan are working together to solve a problem. They make a good team, but they are still learning to work together. Djarin, used to working alone, takes a much more direct approach to problem solving, whereas Bo-Katan prefers to tease out the problem subtly. It is interesting to see the panoply of droids in the droid bar to include the same model as the droid that ran the Pyke’s train on Tatooine. Super Battle Droids and B1 battle droids reprogramed for peaceful operations was shocking to see, even for Djarin. As the mystery unfolded the Mandalorian investigative team uncovered the cause of the malfunctioning droids. Interestingly enough, the issue dated back to Clone Wars.

6. The Challenge. Bo-Katan appeared unsure how she would convince Axe Woves to turn over leadership of the fleet to her. As she and Djarin walked out on to the field she realized the only way was the Mandalorian Way. She issued a challenge and Woves accepted. Using cunning, skill and long years of combat experience, she defeated Woves but declined to kill him. She wanted a united Mandalore, but even in defeat, Woves scoffed at her. He mocked her for fighting the wrong Mandalorian. Did you notice that his armor has changed from Season 2?

7. The Dark Saber. Honor is held in the highest esteem of Mandalorians. Din Djarin has always understood this. Not only is he honorable but understands when to seize the moment. He never wanted the Dark Saber, but he won it in battle. He stepped forward and told the Mandalorian Privateers that he was defeated and that Bo-Katan defeated the enemy that defeated him. Axe Woves as well as the rest of the Mandalorian group processed this information. First, Djarin stated that he was exploring Mandalore, something none of them had thought to do. Second, he willingly described how his own weakness lost him the Saber to another enemy. Truly his honor is unassailable. Bo-Katan was also surprised by Djarin’s truth and logic. She never demanded the Saber. But, in a way, in accordance with tradition, she had won it. Bo-Katan had her fleet back.

8. A-Listers Join the Star Wars Universe. As noted earlier, Jack Black and Lizzo have joined the Star Wars universe. Additionally, we welcome science fiction icon Christopher Lloyd. His iconic voice and presence are somewhat diminished in his role in Chapter 22. Still, it is nice to add the Back to the Future legend to the list of great actors who played in the Star Wars Universe. Of note, he is one of a very short list that has acted in both Star Trek and Star Wars. The most notable are Simon Pegg, George Takei, Clancy Brown and Brent Spiner.

9. The Relationship. Bo-Katan can have nothing but trust and respect for Djarin. Clearly, he trusts and respects her, but more importantly he trusts and accepts the Mandalorian Way and follows it diligently. He does not compromise his values or principals making. Bo-Katan has suffered many betrayals throughout her life. It is unlikely that she had met a man or a Mandalorian as honorable as Djarin. I think we are all excited to see where this relationship goes.

10. Star Wars Lore. Many ponder and wonder where the Armorer fits in the story moving forward. Her role has been to mentor and train as much as armor her Covert. She is wise and knowledgeable. She allows Djarin to learn things for himself, and holds him accountable for his faults. She respects his honesty and honor. She continues to challenge him. As I sit back and think about the Armorer another figure comes to mind. Yoda. What is Yoda’s role in the Star Wars universe? He is the wise old man training the young adventurer. George Lucas’s inspiration for Star Wars lore largely comes from Joseph Campbell’s description of the hero’s journey. In The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Campbell discusses the hero’s journey. In simplest terms, he describes this journey involving a protective figure who provides the adventurer with amulets against the dragon forces he is about to pass. The Armorer is this protective figure. Jon Favereau and Dave Filoni are following the hero’s journey as it relates to the relationship between the Armorer and Djarin as well as Bo-Katan. I don’t see her challenging for power. I see her continuing to mold and train the Covert to greatness.

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