Season 3, Episode 4 – A Different Approach

Corruption, Bribery and Reunion are the themes of Episode 4. Crosshair and Omega
have landed on Planet Lau. They find their new environment saturated with Imperial
Stormtroopers, requiring them to seek out disguises.

Their lack of faked chain codes makes it impossible for Omega and Crosshair to travel
on Imperial policed transports. However, Imperial bureaucrats are not above requesting
an astronomical bribe. Omega decides to resort to her skills at cards to augment their

Nala Se’s future is in jeopardy. Dr. Hemlock is beginning to wonder what the rest of us
are. What does Nala Se know about Omega’s origins and genetic makeup?

Imperial corruption on Lau becomes evident when Captain Mann enters the scene.
After he collects his kick back from the bar keeper, he decides to try his hands at cards
with Omega. After he loses all his credits to Omega, he charged a heavy fine for
gambling. According to him, gambling is illegal. Imagine if he had won the credits.

Crosshair spent much of the episode sarcastically criticizing Omega’s efforts, preferring
a more kinetic approach to problem solving. He finally got his wish when the duo went
searching for Batcher. Omega’s excellent improvisational skills came into play, and the
trio was able to escape. Crosshair did show remarkable patience with Omega, allowing
her plans to unfold. It was only when Batcher was captured that her plans unraveled
and Crosshair needed to take over.

Omega’s high M-count seems to explain a few things. First, she seems to see the good
in everyone, an inherent Jedi trait. Second, she never loses at cards, highlighting a
type of pre-sense common in force users. Third, Omega has no issues making friends
with various creatures. There seems to be a common connection that is earned quickly
as we saw with Batcher. Fourth she has uncommonly quick reflexes. Some might
attribute that to her Fett heritage and that may have something to do with it, however
the high M-Count also plays a factor.

The episode closes with questions. How will Hunter and Wrecker come to trust and
accept Crosshair back into their group? How will Crosshair react to the lost of Tech?

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