Season 3, Episodes 1 through 3

Well, it’s been a year since our last episode of the Bad Batch.  Season three’s episodes one thru three were released at once.  Reportedly this is the final season which I find to be a bit sad.  I think we all hope our favorite characters survive.  We certainly know Rex does, so it is conceivable that Hunter, Wrecker and Omega find a way to make a quiet way in the galaxy as well.

As the final season opens, we immediately notice that Omega is suffering through a monotonous schedule, day after day, week after week and month after month.  It is easy to forget that Omega is still a child.  As any child might in her situation, she finds a way to make herself a comforting toy.  Then, she makes a pet out of a female Lurca hound, naming her Batcher.  Finally, she maintains and fosters a relationship with Crosshair.  In her child like, fiercely loyal way, she seems to love Crosshair like a brother.  Over time, he appears to begrudgingly reciprocate.

Emerie is the second female Fett clone that we have been introduced to.  She is a full-fledged Doctor.  She is acting as a research scientist, aiding in Dr. Hemlock’s dark designs.  Yet she has shown a remarkable interest in both Crosshair and Omega.  She has gone out of her way to help them both on several occasions.  Most recently, she salvaged Omega’s toy and returned it to her after Omega’s confrontation with Dr. Hemlock over Batcher.  One has to wonder what Emerie’s true loyalties are.

Nala Se continues to surprise.  It is apparent that her research is a key component to Project Necromancer.  Nala Se revealed that the clones are not integral to the research she is doing, but something else is.  One can only surmise that she is helping Dr. Hemlock research Jedi cloning.  It also appears that M-count refers to midichlorians.  Several questions arise.  First, how did Nala Se know that Omega had a high M-count?  Second, how did Omega obtain a high M-count since she is indeed a clone.  Does the Fett gene pool have some latent force qualities that Omega’s creation somehow sparked a revival of these latent qualities?  Clearly Nala Se understood the danger to Omega’s life which is why she assisted in Omega’s escape.

While Omega and Crosshair are struggling with their new day to day environment, Hunter and Wrecker are utilizing their skills and contacts to develop intelligence on where Omega might be.  Along the way they find an abandoned lab that was destroyed by orbital bombardment and overrun by one of Dr. Hemlock’s experiments gone wrong.  Still, the facility held some key information on where Omega might be found.

Episode Three starts to speed up the story line a bit.  The episode introduces us to a new, dark armored figure.  His name and purpose are unknown.  Perhaps it is the Empire’s first dark trooper.

Omega’s daily routine is disrupted with the sudden arrival of the Emperor to Mount Taintiss.  Nala Se’s presence is required, and she is unable to destroy Omega’s daily blood sample, triggering her to warn Omega to leave.  Given the heightened security, it wasn’t the best timing.

Omega and Crosshair worked together as a team to escape the mountain.  Omega’s efforts to tame Batcher came in handy as Batcher brought in some much-needed reinforcements to effectuate their escape. 

Crosshair clearly feels bad for how he has treated his team and Omega.  He didn’t want Omega sacrificing herself to save him.  Yet, in his gruff way, he showed how much he cared for her as he kept her focused on the main mission at hand.

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