Season 3, Episode 6 – Infiltration

As this season unfolds, it is apparent that we are watching the origins of either the Shadow Troopers or the Death Troopers. Certain clones qualify for mental conditioning required to make an effective Shadow Trooper. They are experts at infiltration, hand to hand combat, and they are expert marksmen with all ranged weapons. In short, they are assassins. Their ability to pilot ships makes them even more effective because they can deploy as a single operative. Their mental conditioning makes them loyal and lethal. Lastly, it appears that at least one of them was a sleeper agent as they asked, “why have I been activated.?”

Rex has been busy. He has established a Clone Trooper cell, designed to help plan and execute a variety of missions. Their main focus appears to be finding Mount Tantiss.

Rex has already accepted Crosshair back into the fold while Crosshair must earn Howzer’s trust. Crosshair’s task has been made more difficult as it appears the Shadow Troopers are fully aware of who Crosshair is.

The Shadow Troopers can apparently be tracked by other Shadow Troopers. A new Shadow Trooper is activated in this episode, yet he does not act or sound like the rest. Given the amount of time that has passed between Tech’s fall and Omega’s imprisonment it is possible that Tech may have survived the fall enough for him to be reconditioned to be the new Shadow Trooper that infiltrates Rex’s base in this episode. If that is the case, I wouldn’t count on the mental conditioning to last long. Crosshair clearly found his way back to himself.

Crosshair is able to provide valuable insights on Tantiss as well as the new Shadow Troopers. Omega also revealed that Nala Se was working on something called M-Count. Again, I believe this is referring to midi-chlorians, however they haven’t made that connection in the show yet.

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