Season 3, Episode 7 – Extraction

The previous episode featured a Shadow Trooper infiltrating Rex’s rogue Clone Trooper Cell. This episode focuses on how Rex and his team extract themselves out of a highly kinetic situation. The end of episode six left us with Commander Wolf arriving to lead the quick reaction force to assist the Shadow Trooper.

Omega is the prize Dr. Hemlock is focused on capturing. This episode very quickly turns into a war of the wills between Commander Wolf and the Shadow Trooper. The Shadow Trooper completely ignores Commander Wolf and chooses to employ their own methods to attempt to capture Omega. Which individual has the best plan to secure their objective?

Unfortunately, the Empire’s unsuccessful attempts to recondition Crosshair has left him with debilitating side effects. We first noticed the shake of his trigger hand a few episodes ago. He is no longer the sniper he used to be. Still, he gamely works thru his infirmity as he endeavors to protect Omega.

I don’t believe the Shadow Trooper on the hunt in this episode is Tech. During the episode he seemed to know who Crosshair was and even commented on Crosshair’s inability to become a Shadow Trooper. It is unlikely he is Tech, but he could be someone else we are familiar with…

Crosshair’s protective nature of Omega is highlighted in this episode, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Howzer’s trust is finally earned by Crosshair’s conduct and actions as they worked together to escape.

Crosshair stated that while loyalty meant something to him, it was not reciprocated by the Empire. That is where he drew the line. According to Crosshair, that is when he realized how disposable he was. His reasoning is interesting because the very nature of a Clone Trooper is to be a disposable asset in war. Perhaps his “defective” nature made him think he was special and indispensable. Frankly, I don’t believe Clone Force 99 is defective. They are the precious few clones wherein the mental and genetic conditioning simply didn’t work, and they were given the opportunity to develop their own physics, skills and mental acuity. In this way, one can see that they could believe they are indispensable as individuals.

Commander Wolf was surprised to see his old friend Rex again. He believed Rex was dead, killed in action. Wolf is surprised to learn what is behind Rex’s rebellion. The first seeds of doubt and rebellion were sowed. Wolf let them go without a fire fight. He will likely justify his actions as an untenable standoff. Though, in his own mind, he is loyal to his brother clones.

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