Season I, Part Two, Toil and Trouble

1.  Ahsoka demonstrates a new force skill, psychometry. She has the ability to walk into a place and discover facts about the event merely be being there. Usually touch is required, but not in Ahsoka’s case showing how much more powerful in the force she has become. She uses this ability to discover old facts for use in tracking down Morgan Elspeth and her minions. Ahoska also receives a bit of help from a friendly loth-cat.

2.  The map is taken to a planet called Seatos. There, an ancient forgotten people built a device that is triggered by the artifact. It was used to find their way home. Little is known about their home or the people themselves.

3.  Ahsoka’s hunt for the artifact takes her and Hera to Corellia. Star Destroyers amongst other ships used to be manufactured on Corellia. Now, they are dismantled there. Apparently, Morgan Elspeth owned some of the Star Ship factories.

4.  Hera and Ahsoka discover that some of the workers are still loyal to Imperial ways. This discovery leads to a star ship chase and a lightsaber battle.

5.  Chopper is back to his old antics. He cusses, swears and carries on while he accomplishes the task of finding a tracking device and delivering it to his quarry. Chopper is always good for some comic relief. It was also cool to see the Phantom live.

6.  Marrok appears at the shipyard. His is clad in all black, helmeted, carrying an Inquisitor’s lightsaber. It is unclear who or what exactly he is. What is clear is that he is a formidable warrior but does not seem to be in the same league as Ahsoka.

7.  Sabine heals from her lightsaber wound. She is a competent swordsman but was less than a match for Shin Hati in episode one. Sabine used to wield the Dark Saber. Kanan Jarrus taught her how to wield it. Sabine became a more than capable swordsman with the Darksaber before she gave it to Bo-Katan. Like anything, swordsmanship is a perishable skill. Sabine, out of practice, was caught unawares without her armor. It is safe to say that she will be more than ready when she meets Shin Hati again.

8.  Sabine cutting her hair reminds us of the scene where Kanan Jarrus cuts his hair right before he goes into battle. He places his eye piece in front of him, he sits on his knees and he cuts his hair in one swipe. Sabine even uses the same knife, Kanan used.

9.  The giant hyperspace ring was interesting to see. It is clear Morgan Elspeth has been planning and building right under the Republic’s noses for quite some time. Consolidating and policing a massive galaxy is a tall order, and the Republic appears to be failing.

10.  The episode closes out where Star Wars Rebel’s ends. It is a precious and moving moment as Sabine touches Ezra’s face on the mural.

11.  Questions abound. Though, to Huyang’s point, Sabine seems to lack basic force sensitivity, why does Ahsoka take her on as a padawan? Has Ahsoka accepted her role as a Jedi? What does she see in Sabine? Who and what is Marrok? Is he really an Inquisitor who survived the fall of the Empire or is he something else?

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