Season I, Part Three, Time to Fly

1.  Training. Huyang has resumed Sabine’s training in the various lightsaber forms. Sabine appears to be doing well. She is quite frustrated with her inability to feel the living force. This becomes evident when Ahsoka brings back an old training technique.

2.  Ahsoka’s Wisdom. “Talent is a factor, but training and focus are what truly defines someone’s success. Not everyone can handle the kind of discipline it takes to master the ways of the force. Start Small.” Ahsoka illustrates this basic tenant by drawing the coffee cup towards her using the force.
3.  Non-Traditional Jedi. Ahsoka and Huyang discuss Sabine’s training. During the discussion Ahsoka chastises Huyang for his remarks regarding Sabine’s lack of force talent. Ahsoka reminds him that she does not need Sabine to be a Jedi. Ahsoka wants Sabine to be herself. What exactly does that mean? Sabine is Mandalorian. Ahsoka sees something more though. Is she right? As Huyang observed, Ahsoka does come from a long line of non-traditional Jedi. As far as we know, the line starts with Yoda, then Count Dooku, Qui Gon Jinn, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and then comes Ahsoka. All of them are extraordinarily powerful force users who come to the Force from unique backgrounds.
4.  Politics. Politicians have a way of making things worse. The New Republic is roughly seven years old. It appears memories of the war have faded, and the new Senate has forgotten how dangerous Grand Admiral Thrawn is. Hera does not do herself any favors when she becomes emotional about Thrawn. Despite Hera’s ineptitude, Mon Mothama is troubled. Mon Mothma silently mulls her misgivings as the Senate disapproves the request to inspect the Denab System. This will turn out to be a disastrous decision.
5.  The Denab System. Ahsoka and company are greeted by six-star fighters led by Shin Hati and Marrok. Sabine and Ahsoka learn to work as a team as they dispatch three of the fighters before coming into range of the turbo-lasers defending the huge new structure they discovered. Ahsoka jukes and jinks the T-6 while Huyang completes his scan. Sometimes perfect is the enemy of good. In this case the ship was crippled just as Huyang’s scan was complete.
6.  Revelations. While Sabine furiously works to get the ship back online, Ahsoka decides to take a spacewalk. Mandalorians would have chastised her for not having a jet pack. Still, the Force seems to be enough as Ahsoka dispatches another star fighter with her light saber. Once Sabine brings the ship back online, they make for the atmosphere. They need to touchdown to make further repairs. As they travel thru the atmosphere they encounter the Purrgil. Huyang wakes up shortly after touchdown and reveals the results of his scan. The team is stunned at the fact that Elspeth appears to be able to travel to a new galaxy. Apparently, the Jedi were aware of certain hyper-lanes that exist between the galaxies. They knew that the Purrgil traveled these hyper-lanes. One has to wonder if the Jedi ever attempted traveling these hyper-lanes themselves.
7.  Odds and Ends. Jacen Syndulla makes an appearance. He appears to have forged a sibling like bond with Chopper. Hera’s fleet appears to have at least one of the Hammer Head Corvettes from her Rebel’s days. I found it interesting that the fleet was in orbit around Coruscant. Where is the Senate housed? On Coruscant or Hosnian Prime? I also noted that the T-6 has a tail gun. This is a major modification to the original Jedi T-6 Shuttle. Finally, watching Ahsoka train Sabine has elements of both Yoda and her former master’s teachings. She is calm, wise and practical.

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