Session 1, Episode 4, Cornered

Season 1, Episode 4 – Cornered

As I predicted in last week’s blog, the Bad Batch is confronted with logistical concerns. They need food and fuel. They also need to find a way to be inconspicuous. Lack of food makes Wrecker a bit hangry. This episode was full of easter eggs for long time Star Wars fans. Now, for my 12 points!
  1. Omega is a very curious mind. She wants to explore and experience life.  She has so much to learn.  The galaxy can be a dangerous place.  Not everyone is a friend.


  1. Scum and Villainy. The Sullustan dock master is the very definition of scum.  He takes a bribe from the Bad Batch.  Then he sells the location of the Bad Batch to Fennec Shand.  Too bad he couldn’t keep them around long enough to get his full payment.  Did you notice the SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 model sitting on his desk?  He must be saving credits for it.


  1. Tech shows off his skills once again. He figures out how to scramble the Havoc Marauder’s signal.  He then taps into the city grid to quickly track Omega’s movements as the team hunts for her.


  1. The Empire continues its spread. They continue to set up chain code posts and the clone troopers are garrisoning themselves in the outlying planets.
  1. This episode highlights some common themes we see throughout the Star Wars Universe.  Open air markets, speeder lanes and antagonistic droid owners.  The Gran Vendor was very curt and short with his droids.


  1. Hunter improvises to Echo’s chagrin. Hunter and Echo fool a vendor in order to secure credits in order to buy supplies and refuel the ship.  It happened by accident.  The vendor thought Echo was a droid and offered credits for him.  Hunter rolled with it.  Echo, reluctantly acquiesced.  The scenario ended up working out well in the end for the team.


  1. Fennec Shand. Voiced by Ming Na, Shand shows up in virtually the same outfit that we see her in Season 1 of the Mandalorian.  Her hair is the exact same as well.  She is utterly ruthless.  Collateral damage means nothing to her.  It is unclear who she is working for.  My guess is that she took a contract from Kamino.  She shows off her hand-to-hand fighting skills as well as her abilities with a blaster pistol.


  1. Creature of the Week: Once again we see a voorpack in a Star Wars story.  You may remember Torra Doza’s pet voorpack named Buggles from Star Wars Resistance.  Lovable and crafty creatures, they have found a way to be troublesome in this week’s episode of the Bad Batch.  They catch the eye of Omega, and then snatch her stuffed toy from her hand when she went to pet them.
  1. Echo Makes Friends. Posing as a droid, he was assigned to lead them.  He reveals himself as human and convinces them to help fix the Havoc Marauder.  Removing their restraining bolts helped motivate them.
  1. Omega is learning. She has a keen sense of right and wrong.  She knows that you have to pay for things and speaks up about it.  She is also is very observant.  She picks up on things very quickly.  She noticed Shand’s blaster.  She also found a maintenance tunnel to hide from her.  Notice how the maintenance tunnels appear the same as the ones on Lothal?
  1. Speeder Chase: Notice how the speeders sounded and looked almost the same as the speeders we saw in Attack of the Clones?  The Aqualish listening to tunes not paying attention to his cargo was a nice touch.  Also notice the city-wide cameras.  They are the same cameras you see on the Death Star in A New Hope.
  1. “We have to find out who she is and who hired her.”   Fennec Shand will have to work harder to find the Bad Batch now that the ship’s identification codes are scrambled.  Though the Bad Batch want to find a nice place to hide out, they also want to neutralize a threat.  Rather than go into hiding, they will likely attempt to hunt Fennec Shand down.  They will take the fight to her.

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  1. It was nice to see Fennec Shand. But seeing her in this show which takes place shortly after the Order 66 was given, is raising the question, if she mustn’t be much older in The Mandalorian?
    But besides of this, it was all in all a good chapter in my opinion.

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