Reflections on Chapter 11, The Heiress

Revelations and Challenges. Chapter 11 reveals to Din Djarin that there is more to being a Mandalorian than “The Way.” These revelations challenge everything he knows and understands about his own way of life that he has strictly adhered to.


The chapter opens with a beat-up Razor Crest limping its way to Trask. Star Wars stories always find a way to crash a ship or have a ship pulled out of the water. This chapter has both. As Djarin walks off the landing platform, the Mon Calamari tech mutters under its breath that they will fuel the ship….if it still holds fuel. We are also treated to a heartwarming reunion of the frog people. As the reunion is happening, a cloaked female figure observes Djarin as he walks down the boardwalk.

Trask is known as an estuary moon in the Arkanis sector. Given its geographical nature, Trask has attracted Mon Calamari and Quarren for residents. Trask is also known as major black-market port in the Outer Rim. Everyone is out to make a buck. While the child is playing with his food, a Quarren convinces Djarin that he can ferry him to other Mandalorians. Instead, while out to sea, the Quarren and his crew attempt to kill Djarin and steal his Beskar. 


Bo-Katan Kryze and two more Mandalorians drop in to save Djarin and the child. It is in this moment, that Djarin begins to realize that the way he knew is not the only way. He doesn’t immediately accept it. However, later when the Quarren’s brother challenges him back at the port, Djarin is forced to re-think his position as Bo-Katan, Ax Wolves and Koska Reeves drop in once again to help him.

Who is Bo-Katan? We first encounter this character in the animated series, Star Wars the Clone Wars. She was the sister of the ruler of Mandalore during the clone wars. She was also a member of Death Watch, a splinter cell that defied Mandalore’s new pacifist ways. Over time we watch her character arc as the Clone Wars end. Star Wars Rebels picks up her story and we see how much she has changed in the intervening years. Eventually we observe how she came into possession of the Dark Saber. The subject of the Dark Saber will be discussed in the upcoming articles.
The Mandalorian’s reason for seeking out other Mandalorians is to have assistance in finding a Jedi, and he makes that fact known. Bo-Katan, needing his assistance, seizes on the opportunity for at trade. Yet, Bo-Katan has ulterior motives. She is certainly curious about the Mandalorian. However, she needs his help to take down and steal a Gozanti freighter. She does not reveal her full plan to him at the outset. Djarin agrees to assist since Bo-Katan in seizing weapons from the ship in exchange for help finding a Jedi.

The full combat capabilities of a squad of Mandalorians are on full display as they systematically take over the freighter. Once the captain of the ship realized that the ship was lost, he was expected to take the ship down. With one last group of storm troopers left, we are shown just how well pure beskar holds up against blaster fire, as Djarin leads the last charge to take over the bridge.


Bo-Katan has warmed up to Din Djarin. Before she saw him merely as another asset to complete her mission. Bo-Katan didn’t want to just steal the ship. She wanted to interrogate the crew in order to find Moff Gideon and ultimately the Dark Saber. Djarin risked his life without full knowledge of what it is she was truly after. He led the last charge, taking on the brunt of the fire power, allowing all the Mandalorians to live and take over the ship. Bo-Katan realized there was more to this Mandalorian than just being a member of a cult.

Overall, the story telling in this chapter lays the groundwork for Djarin to break out of the dogma he has grown up with, and expand his horizons to a better way.

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