Chapter 1, Stranger in a Strange Land

Star Wars fans have long awaited the ultimate fate of Boba Fett. Those of us who read the original expanded universe novels, already have a concept for Fett’s fate. In sum, he survived the sarlacc pit and continued his career as a bounty hunter until his destiny was revealed and he eventually became Mandalore. Those stories are no longer canon due to Disney’s acquisition of all things Star Wars. So, once again, long time Star Wars fans wondered, what happened to Boba Fett. Thankfully, Jon Favreau was allowed to answer that question with the development of the Book of Fett. 

Thru the development of The Mandalorian, we all learned that Boba Fett was alive. What we didn’t know is how he survived and what he has been up to in the intervening years. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have taken on the unique challenge of telling the story of Boba Fett’s survival while weaving a new tale about where Fett goes next. This is a difficult challenge, leaving Chapter One of the Book of Fett with mixed reviews. The sharpest criticisms appear to be that the first chapter is too short. Additionally, many critics and fans alike are puzzled by Boba Fett’s fight at Mos Espa. “Why didn’t he use his jet pack?” “He seems weak and ineffective since the events of the Mandalorian.” I hope to answer some of these questions below.
  1. Boba Fett’s Ordeal. It is unclear how long Fett was in the sarlacc. What is clear is that he was there long enough for stomach acids to begin digesting him. The acids had eaten thru his under suit to include the cowl that normal covers the head under the helmet. The other issue that is unclear is whether the sarlacc acids have an anesthetic quality to them. If so, they may have prolonged his time in the pit. What is clear is that he woke up, burned, and crawled his way out. His fight to free himself was exhausting to the point that once free, he passed on out on the hot sands of Tatooine. 


  1. The Galaxy is a Cruel Place. Tatooine in particular can be cruel and unforgiving. We see that the ever-opportunistic Jawas will not hesitate to leave a man in the sand, whilst depriving him of his valuables. We also witnessed what appeared to be Klatooninan thugs stealing from a hapless moisture farmer. Lastly, Fett himself was victimized by the hazards of the desert. The Jawas knock him out and steal from him. Then he was captured by the Sand People to serve as a slave. Lastly is almost killed by an unnamed desert monster. For now, I will refer to the creature as the desert kraken.
  1. Fett is a Survivor. Boba, true to his nature is a fighter. He attempted escape when the opportunity presented itself. He also managed to kill the desert kraken with nothing but his chains.  


  1. Fett has his own Honor Code. During his first attempt to escape he could have killed or severely injured the Tusken Raider youngling. He opted to do neither. Remember, during the Mandalorian he helped Dinn Djarin secure the child out of gratitude for receiving his armor back. Lastly, you start to wonder if Fett’s whole outlook on life is changing. He has worked for thugs, criminal overlords and even the Empire his whole career. A job is a job. Yet, when he was left for dead it was the Tusken Raiders who saved him, albeit for their own reasons. He paid that generosity forward and saved Fennec’s life. She, out of her own sense of honor, considered it a life debt and now serves Fett. Now Boba Fett wishes to style himself as a Crime Lord while following his own personal honor code. Most Crime Lords are inherently ruthless. They rule with an iron fist and do not hesitate to use violence to instill fear in others. Fett wishes to choose a different route. He started with keeping the Gamorrean Guards as his own rather than kill them. Now some of you may wonder, why then did he execute Bib Fortuna. That is simple. Fortuna had manipulated Jabba against him in the past and even tried to get Boba Fett killed shortly before the events of Return of the Jedi. Those references can be found in the Bounty Hunter Wars published in Marvel Comics.
  1. The Fight. The most puzzling part of Chapter One was the fight. Why didn’t he use his jet pack? For me the answer is simple. He would have left Fennec on her own to be captured and used against him. He knew the Gamorreans were on the outside of the shield wall and would come to help. Another criticism was that Fett appeared weak during the fight. He may have been. Or, it might be because he was surrounded by eight to ten individuals with force pikes and shields all trading hits on him and those hits took a toll even as he and Fennec dispatched each of them one by one (with the help of the two Gamorreans). It is clear the Fett is not 100% healty. He really wasn’t 100% during the Mandalorian. If you remember back, his face was still discolored, and disfigured. He didn’t start his bacta treatment until after he took over Jabba’s palace. During the fight with the Storm Troopers during the Mandalorian, he did not take any hits; he delivered them. He was purely on the offensive and took his enemies by surprise. For the remaining episodes he was merely a role player. He was not a main player in the fighting. He was the pilot. That was it. So, even though he spent years in the desert with the Tusken’s, he himself had not fully healed and had just started the process in the days and possible weeks leading up to the fight in Mos Espa. 


  1. Premonitions. There are only six chapters left in this season. One has to wonder why Fett wishes to be a crime lord in the first place. Perhaps he is tired of being manipulated by others. Perhaps he is feeling his age. Perhaps it’s just an opportunity that presented itself and he is taking advantage of a new challenge. As the chapters progress, I suspect we will see Boba Fett’s ultimate rise to power as a legitimate crime lord. I also suspect that he will be setting some unconventional rules. He was clearly disgusted by the Klatoonian raiders behavior. Perhaps he will quell such conduct. Mos Espa may be a center of affairs for future chapters and the Mayor among others will seek to undermine Fett’s efforts to enforce his rule. Will Garsa Fwip and Fett develop a relationship beyond business? Unlikely, but it’s a possibility. We will likely see Fett exact punishment on whoever sent the pikeman to capture him. Finally, there appears to be much more to see of Fett’s time with the Tusken Raiders and beyond.

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