Chapter 2, The Tribes of Tatooine

Culture. Redemption. Renewal. These are the main themes that I took away from Chapter 2. Rarely do we get to peer into such a reclusive culture such as the Tuskens. As long time Star Wars fans, most of us have either disliked or have been indifferent towards the Tuskens. After all, they captured, tortured, and caused the death of Shmi Skywalker. They were the initial boogey men of A New Hope when they accosted Luke Skywalker. In the canon of Star Wars, Tuskens were once thought of as lawless, mindless raiders who have no regard for others. Intuitive fans, who are familiar with other cultures, likely sensed something deeper behind the Tusken’s seemingly random acts of violence. The Tribes of Tatooine, more than any other movie or show, teach us that there is more than meets the eye regarding the Tusken. They are a warrior culture, literally displaced by the sands of time. They have families and pets. They splintered into many tribes. They are devoted to their own set of codes and norms. They are very territorial. Finally, they are willing to learn new things to better their tribe.


A fourth of this chapter was spent on the present, while the rest focused on some of Boba Fett’s time with the Tuskens. We learn how he ended up with his new garb. We learn how he acquired a gaffi stick as well as a slug thrower. Finally, we learn more about the true depth of Boba Fett’s overall character as a man. Below I discuss some of the finer points of this week’s Chapter.

  1. Order of the Night Wind. This is a new group of characters introduced to Star Wars. After coercing a confession out of the captured assassin, Boba Fett decides to pay a visit to the mayor of Mos Espa. Though the mayor may have facilitated the assassin’s employment, it appears that the Twins are responsible for the Night Wind’s mission.
  1. The Twins. These characters are also new to Star Wars lore. Apparently, they are related to Jabba. Five years after Jabba’s untimely demise, they seek to assert control over his crime empire. It is interesting that they would choose to act now. One can only surmise that Bib Fortuna was a puppet for their designs. When Boba Fett killed Fortuna, they decided to take a more hands on role in the administration of Jabba’s criminal enterprise. First, they hired assassins to remove Boba Fett. Then they try to bully him. What will they do next?
  1. Black Krrsantan. That is the name of the fearsome black golden armored Wookie we saw. Those of us that read the comics are quite familiar with this character. He is a highly trained gladiator turned bounty hunter who has many bloody exploits during the time of the Galactic Empire. In the comics he took on contracts from Jabba as well as Darth Vader.
  1. Guile. Boba Fett is a thinker. He is cunning. He tricked the Night Wind assassin into giving him the name of his employer. Apparently, the assassin was more afraid of being eaten by a Rancor than beheaded by a Gamorrean. Interesting how the appearance of impending doom affects the mind.
  1. The Tuskens. Temuera Morrison’s Maori heritage is influencing The Book of Fett. First, the gaffi stick is actually modeled after a Fijian warclub called totokia. Second, the training with the gaffi stick appears to be akin to the training an islander may receive with the totokia. As we watch the training with the gaffi stick unfold, we see Fett earning the respect of the female Tusken. She appears to be the best warrior of all the tribe. Fett is growing in kinship with this tribe and begins to feel a certain loyalty and responsibility towards them. This loyalty influences his actions of helping the tribe with a seemingly impossible task. Boba Fett took the time to train the tribe on foreign machines. He incorporates the Tusken youngling into the overall mission. Finally, he leads the mission to rid the tribe of a massive threat and ultimately obtains future tribute and taxes for the tribe from a notorious syndicate. The tribe repays his loyalty and actions by making him a member of the tribe, culminating in a gaffi stick war dance. I for one had chills down my spine as I watched.
  1. Redemption and Renewal. Boba Fett is haunted by his past. He has never gotten over the death of his father. One take away from the dreams is that Boba Fett has never really felt a sense of purpose, except to conduct a hunt for payment and then move on to the next job, because that is what he was trained to do. Additionally, his ordeal in the sarlacc has scarred him physically and mentally. He has learned that he is not invincible. Fett is a lone wolf. Yet, his time with the Tuskens has taught him the value of a people. He is reinventing himself. He recognizes that while the galaxy is a cruel and dangerous place, that there are values and creeds to hold on to. The Tuskens help him to renew him into a new person, ultimately redeeming past sins. The branch signifies this. First, he had to allow himself to be led to where the branch was. Then he had to secure the branch. Next, he had to bring the branch back to the tribe. Finally, he helped shape the branch into a new thing, the gaffi stick. The Tuskens are re-shaping Boba Fett into a new thing, a leader. He he is learning that he can give more to life than bounty hunting. He wears the garb of a Tusken under his armor to signify his kinship with them and to remember the lessons he has been taught.
  1. The Sands of Time. I felt the influence of Frank Herbert on Star Wars in these 52 minutes of film more than any other screening of a Star Wars production. You learn that part of Tatooine was once covered in a vast ocean. As you study the Tuskens themselves, you see a reclusive, tribal people who completely cover themselves, much like the Fremen did. It is always interesting to see how various stories cross over and borrow from each other.
  1. Premonitions. War is brewing. Boba Fett is learning that ruling Jabba’s empire will not be as easy as it seems. He likely knew that there would be difficulties. Still, the magnitude of those difficulties seems to grow by the day. The Twins appear to be turning into the main antagonist. It will be interesting to see how many puppet strings they pull.

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