Reflections on Chapter 10, The Passenger

Honor, Adversity, Clemency. This episode picks up right where the last one left off. Still covered in krayt dragon gore, Din Djarin speeds back to Mos Eisley. A trap is sprung and the Mando and child go flying. The Mandalorian quickly dispatches two bounty hunters while a third takes the child hostage. Using a bit of guile and cunning, Djarin trades his jet pack for the child’s life. Then he takes the bounty hunter’s life, from the air.

 As he walks into Mos Eisley with all his gear strapped to his back, Djarin realizes that his quest to find Mandalorians is now back to square one.  Luckily, Peli Motto happens to know someone that can lead Djarin to Mandalorians.  As with all things, this information comes at a price. 


Enter the infamous “Frog Lady”.  There is not an official designator for her species, much like Yoda and the Child.  If you listen closely, it appears that she and her mate maybe the last of their kind.  Lastly, her eggs need to be fertilized.  So, prior to meeting her husband, the eggs themselves were inert.  The Child murdered no babies.

The Mandalorian was apprehensive about flying sub-light sector to sector.  Sub-light travel makes you vulnerable to pirates.  It also subjects you to random patrols.  A pair of X-Wings snared the Razor Crest in their patrol net.  There is nothing like watching those S-Foils go into attack position.  While it was a site to see, the Mandalorian didn’t stick around to gaze in wonderment.


The Mandalorian displayed his piloting skills as he out flew two X-Wings.  But for the ship breaking thru the ice, he likely would have gotten out the scrape just fine.  The fall into a cave below severely damaged the hull integrity of the ship among other things.  Djarin had his hands full.

“Frog Lady” had a hidden set of talents.  She also shows great resolve and determination.  She rewired Zero so that she could talk to Djarin.  She appealed to his honor to the point that he had to reluctantly agree to do what he could to fulfill the mission at hand.


As luck would have it, the Child’s stomach got the team in trouble.  He stumbled across an unhatched egg, broke it open and ate an eight-legged snack inside.  Once he broke that egg open, he opened pandoras box and the whole group was introduced to a mass of knobby white ice spiders.  These spiders are very similar to the Krykna we saw on Atollon in Star Wars Rebels. 

As they were seemingly making their last stand, the “Frog Lady” pulled out a mini blaster and was protecting the child from random spiders.  Then, the cavalry arrived.  The two X-Wing pilots found them and killed the remaining hungry spiders.  They knew who the Mandalorian was.  They watched the security footage from the detainee barge.  They granted him his freedom as clemency for his attempt to save the hapless jailor.  The episode closes as the Razor Crest limps its way to Trask. 


There are several great easter eggs in this episode.  Dave Filoni plays Trapper Wolf, one of the X-Wing pilots.  He was one of the three X-Wing pilots from Chapter 6, the Prisoner.  As mentioned earlier, the knobby white ice spider is extraordinarily similar to the krykna in Star wars Rebels. 

There were also some interesting nuggets to pull from this episode.  First, the child LOVES meat and is always HUNGRY.  He was almost purring as the krayt dragon meat was roasting on the droid spit.  Second, apparently Rodians like their meat on the rare side.  Third, Peli Motto always seems to be a good source for information.  Lastly, it seems that the New Republic is slowly asserting jurisdiction as it expands into the lawless outer rim.  A two X-Wing patrol is apparently more than enough to assert dominance within a system.  I think many of us forget how much fire power an X-Wing carries. 

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