Chapter 3, The Streets of Mos Espa

Boba Fett is growing his own personal retinue. Up and until now, his retinue has only included two Gamorreans, Fennec Shand and a few droids. In order for Boba Fett to be able to enforce his rule over his various businesses, he needs to have a group of individuals, personally loyal and accountable to him. They will go out and do his bidding. The street gang he has brought into the fold are young, vigorous motivated and experienced. He will need to continue to grow his internal structure of his organization to survive the tumult that is sure to come.  


A few thoughts about the Chapter.

  1. Disrespect. Milton (the water monger) shows up to let Fett know that he is dissatisfied with his lack of appropriate protection. The Water Monger feels that if he pays tribute, he should get something in return. “I am insulted on your behalf” is a backhanded way of saying you are not doing your job. Boba Fett doesn’t care for subtle slights. Fett paid the Water Monger back for his lack of tact whilst growing his own organization.
  1. Vespas. The last time I saw colorful speeders in live action Star Wars was during the prequels. They do look remarkably like Vespas. This was interesting and somewhat controversial choice by the show writers. I am personally not bothered by it, and it adds a bit of flavor to an otherwise drab landscape. It is not out of place either. Adults in their late teens and early twenties often prefer something shiny and funky to drive.
  1. Bacta tank. Boba Fett continues to sleep in the bacta tank. His injuries are not only to his skin, but he may have internal injuries as well. Clearly, he still has mental distress and trauma from his childhood as well as his time in the Dune Sea. One has to wonder if he sleeps easier in the bacta tank simply because it helps his skin feel better.


  1. The Dune Sea. I think we all felt the Tusken Tribe was now a part of our family. It was sad to see the destruction of the camp. What is interesting is how few bodies were left in the camp. Either the Nikto Sand Riders took prisoners or only a few Tuskens were in camp. I noted that the female warrior Tusken was not amongst the dead. The child that Boba Fett had grown an affection for was not among the deceased either. I could not tell if the stick he pulled from his robe was either the younglings training stick, or the remainder of Boba’s branch that he secured for the construction of his gaffi stick.
  1. Black Krrsantan. Clearly, he likes to be up close and personal for his kills, favoring a far more brutal approach. Perhaps the Hutts requested a particularly painful end. Perhaps Krrsantan’s gladiator training is his preferred method of killing. I suspect that he intended to not use a blaster due to the noise, but given the racket the fight made, it’s unlikely. One has to wonder how he got into the palace in the first place. I suspect he scaled the tower from the outside. Wookiees are from Kashyyyk, a planet filled with the tallest trees in the galaxy. The trees are so tall that they stretch beyond the clouds. Wookies learn from a young age to climb quickly and quietly so that they can effectively hunt for their prey, in the trees. It did not surprise me that Krrsantan was in the tower. Thankfully the colorful biker gang showed up to relieve Boba right before Krrsantan was about to break his back. In the end, Boba Fett treated him with honor and respect by letting him go. This is especially compelling since the Hutts basically told Fett to sell him to be a gladiator. This may come back to benefit Boba Fett later. 
  1. Easter Eggs. Anyone note Pelli Motto and her 3 droids walking thru the streets of Mos Eisley? Also, we see the Storm Trooper Helmets being mounted on spikes…the same ones we saw in the Mandalorian. Mouse Droids were running a amok. Additionally, there is nothing like a speeder full of meiloorun fruit to bring back memories of Hera and the rest of Phoenix Squadron. Lastly Boba’s subtle reference that he had ridden beasts ten times the size of the Rancor must be a reference to the creature he rode in the Holiday Special that aired in the 1980s.
  1. The Gift. The Twins offered Boba Fett a Rancor as an apology for attempting to assassinate him. What is interesting is I think the gift was given for several reasons. One, it was given to have Boba Fett turn his attention away from the Twins for retribution. Two, I think it was given to ensure that Boba Fett sticks around at the palace to deal with the MoK Shaiz and his alliance with the Pykes. It’s cheaper to let Boba Fett deal with them than to have to do it themselves. As they said, war is bad for business simply because it cuts into their profit margins. In any case, Boba Fett is clearly taken by the Rancor and wishes to learn to ride it!
  1. Premonitions. Who hired the assassins to kill Boba Fett? It is still a mystery. However, the mystery is beginning to become clearer. At first, I think we all thought the Twins did it. However, the assassin may have been correct that the Mayor hired them. It maybe that we find out the Mayor has been working with the Pykes all along and that the Mayor facilitated that hiring of the assassins on behalf of the Pykes. Now, the Pykes are readying themselves for a territorial take over. War is on the horizon. Who will Boba Fett call in to assist? Will he reach out to Din Djarin? Are their Tusken Tribes willing to seek retribution? Time will tell!

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