Episode 1, Season 7. Overview

Episode 1 opens at the Battle of Anaxes. Anaxes, is a Core world planet and is where the Republic houses and builds its reserve fleet. Anaxes lies along the Perlemian Trade Route which eventually leads to Felucia, an Outer Rim planet.
Rex and Cody grow concerned that Rex’s battle plans are being thwarted at every turn. They convince Jedi Master Windu and General Skywalker to run a covert mission to see what is going on. However, Rex conceals the fact that he thinks Echo is behind all the successful Separatist attacks against his defense plan. Cody brings in Clone Force 99 to conduct the mission. Rex has never heard of them before and is understandably leery. The target is the cyber center which is thought to be the brains of the entire Separatist Campaign against the Anaxes Shipyards. After being shot down, Cody is injured. Wrecker show’s his immense strength in flipping the gunship over to save the pinned down Cody. Then, a platoon of B1 Droids attack and the Bad Batch go to work. Tech, calls shots, Hunter throws ion grenades and Crosshair hits the grenades just as they flew over or amongst the droids, disabling most of them after just two grenades. Once they clear out most of the battle droids they move in and mop up, each using their individual skill sets. They make their way to the Out Post just outside the Cyber Center. They quickly take it over and come up with a plan to take the Cyber Center. As they approach it, Rex decides a frontal approach is best. Crosshair is find’s an overwatch position covering the rest of the team as they make their assault. Rex and the Bad Batch quickly take out the droids on the parameter. As Tech is trying to disable the door, Wrecker kicks it in and rushes in with his heavy repeating blaster destroying all droids in his way. Once inside, Tech and Rex access the computer to see where the tactical signals are coming from. Droid reinforcements arrive and the remainder of the squad is left to keep them at bay. Crosshair finds a speeder for them to escape in. As they accessed the data, Rex realizes signal is tied directly to Echo who was once thought of as killed in action. The whole team makes the escape to fight another day.
The remaining 3 episodes regarding the Bad Batch deal with how they attempt to disable the strategic algorithm & possibly recover ARC Trooper Echo from the Separatists. For more details go watch Season 7 Episodes 1-4 of Star Wars the Clone Wars.

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